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The Angel Files will look into a few special idols who have proven that they have hearts of gold.

Disclaimer: All of the evidence is based on fan accounts and interviews, and might not be 100% true. I do my best to fact-check :)

Today's angel is none other than Monsta X's WONHO!

Wonho had a rocky debut because of a few pre-debut scandals.

He was known to be a bit of a party boy - seen at clubs drinking or smoking before he became an idol.

His biggest scandal though, was his relationship with an ulzzang.

Jung Daeun was born female though they became well known for being an ulzzang with a very "boy-ish" look.

They were super close with Wonho before his debut and it was speculated that they had a romantic relationship. Basically when pictures came out, netizens went cray cray.
Any time people ask him about it (like, does dating a female who identifies as male make you gay?) his usual response is "why does that matter? They're my friend!" or something along those lines.

He doesn't care if people think positively or negatively about him based on his friends, his sexuality, or his beliefs. He's a good and loyal friend.

He's known to be really chill with male fans, hugging them, blowing them kisses, saying he loves them (example here at 17:00).

And of course we all know that he chooses ramen over gender any day!

Now, Wonho's friend is in the process of transitioning (with hormones) and is creating music!

You can check out his instagram:

Basically, I consider Wonho an angel because its so rare to see someone in the Kpop world be so carefree about their sexuality.

We've had plenty of cases of male idols being really freaked out, disgusted, or just plain ignorant when their masculinity is questioned. Even in the video I attached of Wonho blowing a kiss to the male fan, you can hear Kevin in the background say "I hope that was for the girls..."

Wonho is definitely an ally, and the Kpop world needs more of him.

I will love Wonho to the end of the earth and I hope as Monsta X finds success, he stays happy and healthy^^
@BabydollBre his friend was born a girl but is in the process of become physically male^^ and when asked in interviews he always says he doesnt care about gender, that person was his friend no matter what!
We seriously need more people like Wonho in the Kpop world
He's pretty awesome. It's really nice to see idols who openly support the LGBT community. I love his response: "Why does that matter? They're my friend." You go Wonho! Keep being you!
@BabydollBre Ikr! Haha it's my fave cypher, in part because of that line xD @MichelleIbarra Welcomes ^^ He could still be bi or pan, but if he is, that line has nothing to do with him saying anything about it. We may never know ~
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