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Let's do this!

Tagging (tagged everyone I know cosplays here, lol, sorry ><)

^ That's me. Lol.

1. Crush?
I have major crushes on all of my friends, especially the ones that cosplay :D Looking at you @starberry @Angelipon!!!
2. Height?
3. Single or taken?
Single by choice XD
4. Favorite Song?
uhh...right now I'd say Beautiful Liar by VIXX LR!
5. Favorite cosplay of yours?
All of my Nozomi cosplays, but especially this one!
6. Gender & Pronouns?
7. Sexuality?
Only ever dated guys but not opposed to any gender if I like them romantically!!
8. Your biggest idol?
Kussun!!! The "real life" Nozomi. She's amazing! I made a card about her before :)
9. Biggest fear?
Hmm...losing all my friends? Spending all my time alone, even when I don't want to be?
10. Country?
United States! But I do quite a bit of international traveling ^^;

Let's get to know the other cosplayers on Vingle!!

I think we need a name for our community people :P Anime has Nakama, but I think we need our own!! Any ideas?
@Bmondragon93 LOLL maybe I'll make a poll in the community :3
@hikaymm I'm really into those too! I used to say unity a lot when I was a teen lol It up to you to choose shisho. 馃構
1. Loki 2. 5'9" 3. Too busy to worry about 4. Will You Smile Again For Me? by ...And You Will Know by the Trail of Dead 5. I dressed as Captain Kirk when I was younger, it was pretty hilarious. 6. not necessary, but it makes things a little less confusing 7. only when I feel like being pretty 8. a silver statuette of the God and Goddess entwined in dance 9. being unable to protect my kids (biggest phobias are bridges and needles) 10. no, more of a city by the ocean kinda girl
Mm amity, camaraderie, fellowship, affinity, harmony, or unity? That's what comes into mind for me.
1-I honestly crush on anime characters lol 2-5'5 3-I'm taken 4-honestly my all time favorite song for I don't remember how long is "For You-John Denver" 5-I think my best cosplay is the Pikachu cosplay that I made out of a giant pillow.馃榿 6-I'm a girl 7-I'm straight, far as I know lol 8-my biggest idol has to be my mom -may seem cheesy, but it's true- lol 9-my biggest fear is losing everybody that I know and love around me and never being able to see them again. 10-I live in the US Lol, I talk a lot.
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