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Predebut, Wonho was an ulzzang.

Think of those famous faces on MySpace during the "scene" era. Like, those people who have a lot of followers just cause they're pretty and have semi-interesting lives^^

He partied, he drank, he smoked, he hung out at clubs.

To be honest, he was just living his life. He didn't do anything illegal, he didn't hurt anybody, and what's usually a death sentence to kpop idols: he had a girlfriend.

He dated a fellow ulzzang and regardless of what you think of his pre-debut life, you have to admit they look super cute!

Does this change your opinion of Wonho at all?

If it does, I encourage you to look at my card HERE!
why cant kpop idols do these things even when they ARE famous??!! he was living his life omg! him and his girl are so cute i hope they still talk!
So adorable. I guess I'm weird because I want to see my idols with a person who they love and loves them. I want nothing more then for them to be happy and living life they work so hard they deserve it. So I honestly don't understand how fans can be cruel to them like that in my opinion they aren't true fans when they act that way or judge them over small life things like that. Did he kill someone? No I mean for an idol to lose my respect they would have to commit a serious crime like murder
I wonder if idols EXs ever think…Wow! I used to date them…? 🤔😮😮
Oh my god this is adorable. This does change my opinion if him by the way. I see him in a whole other light of cuteness and softness and 😍
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