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Hi bebes, I'm filling in for our precious @JiyongLeo. She has a lot going on.

❧ Today's Card will be:

Why Shin should be on your Radar ♡

1) He's the sweetest man of all.

I know there's a stigma in media for virtually everywhere that thinks the ideal person is a 0 waistline. That's not true. Be yourself and BE happy. Don't worry about what others think of you.

☆☆ Those mind, don't matter. Those who matter, don't mind ☆☆

During a video Session, fans were talking to Shin asking him different things, as well as getting his opinion on certain things. One fan was talking about her best friend and why she should lose weight. Shin responded as "I think loving yourself even if you don't lose weight, is the most important thing. What matters most is that you love yourself."

2) He's a real life Anime Character ♡ ~ Death Note ~

☆☆ L is not dead, he just trolled us and switched Careers. (Proof is above)

3) He's a manchild ~

Just Look at him. He's ridiculously adorable! How can you not love him??

4) The guy was made for modeling.

He knows how to strut his stuff. . .

5) His Eyes sparkle

~ Shin has a certain look to his eyes ♡ They're very gorgeous. When I first got into Cross Gene back in 2012, his eyes were what set him apart from the others. They all have beautiful eyes, but Shin's stand out the most.

6) The love he has for Cross Gene is abundant. ♡

☆☆ Shin is the leader of Cross Gene, he may pick on the other members or throw casual shade at them, but it's all for fun. They're a family and he loves them ♡♡

❦ CandY Mod Squad ❦

YAK Pak ♡

♡ CandY Bebes ♡

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@MandyNoona Cause he was made from heaven!
@Tigerlily84 Yeasss he is!
T.T why is he so flawless Aimee.... why.
Awwww my heart's a flutter! He's adorable! 😸
@MelissaGarza ShinBug is a mess. I love him!! No problem love!! Glad you are liking them so far!
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