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It's still technically the 10th and it's the third day of @kpopandkimchi 's awesome Ultimate Bias Week!
Why is Tao still my UB? Hmmmm.... That's like asking why do birds fly? Or why are strawberries so delicious? Or why do doves cry? Wait, I'm getting off topic...
Maybe it has something to do with his smile...
Or maybe it has to do with his personality
Or maybe it's his talent, awesome skills This first video is one of my favorite songs, "Alone." Such a beautiful song. I related to it a lot. Second is of course the sickest song I've heard in a long time - "Black White AB" Third is another outstanding example of his mad rapping skills - "Underground King." Fourth is a song that hasn't offically been released but he's performed it at his concerts and I want to listen to the studio version already so I can be obsessed - "Adore."
But most likely it has a lot to do with his weirdness and utter Taoness...
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