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This man drives the world crazy he is so perfect in so many ways .... G-Dragon ugh... Love him
So Suga is my ultimate bias in BTS and he's so gorgeous and fucking Beautiful it makes me want to cry ..... I love you Min Yoongi
Who loves Satansoo?? He's evil in the mist precious way there is no words to describe such perfection... His voice ahhhhhh Do Kyungsoo you majestic being
Just some BTS and ship pics that I adore I love the bromance between BTS they are super hyper and weird and I love it!!!
Just idk I love them all...
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Holy mother of wowowow!!! That picture of G dragon the 3rd I went weak in the knees. Can you just imagine him saying "hey baby come drink with me"😱👻 and then the last picture of D.O. Omg please spare me I can't I refuse to get heavy into EXO but gosh their making it so hard not to! I told myself not another group I have too many, AHHH pretty sexy Suga!! Ok I've died thank you!!