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Do you know that wonderful Pokémon Swanna ? *_____* I really love it <3 Which picture do you like more ? The Rapidesh or Swanna picture ?
@withy it looks like odette from swan lake! you did an awesome design on the dress :D she really looks like a twirly haired swan :D
@withy awww now I've seen swanna <3 she looks like odette from swan lake <3 <3 <3 so pretty q_q i love your interpretation of her! The dress design is very good <3
Seriously ? You don't know Swanna ? :D it is a really beautiful Pokémon <3 Thank you for your lovely comments :')
I don't know it, but OMG it is going to be my most favourite pokemone now Q_Q You made an awesome Gijinka out of it, the way you colour your shadows just impresses me so much, they are so smooth and yet so strong at the same time, slowly fading into the original colour, making them smooth yet distinctive <3 awesome!!