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I'd normally put this at the bottom, but because I know some people won't read that far I'll put it at the top:


Please don't come onto this card & try to convince other people which is better. I will delete your comments if you're hostile and fighting other people. Just share your personal opinion calmly :P In my opinion, there's a lot of factors that decide which is "better" and the #1 thing is your personal opinion! If you like subs, you like subs! If you like dubs, you like dubs! That's it. Of course, many factors can affect which you like better.

And that's what I'm covering here: factors that might make you personally like dub versus subs!

One Piece: It Depends on the Company!

This video is a great example of why One Piece fans specifically might not enjoy dubbed anime -- because depending on the company, the dubs can really differ!!! One of these dubbing companies dubs for a mature audience & keeps the feeling of the subbed anime much better. The other "dumbs it down" to a kids level & can make it impossible to watch for mature viewers. Of course, the audience in mind by the companies is different, and that's why the dubs different.
What to note: things are dubbed for different purposes. If an anime is being dubbed for kids, you probably won't enjoy the dub very much because it will seem silly & incorrect....that's because the audience isn't for you.

YuGiOh-X: Perspect, Perspective!

This video compares a scene of the dub and a scene of the sub. No matter if you're a dub fan or not (and I am a dub fan), you'll probably like the sub better, and that's because the sub actually shows more depth. Sometimes, dub companies mess up and do a poor job translating the lines & the feeling of the lines well enough to English, so the dub is impossible to enjoy even if you want to.
But this doesn't go for every anime, so you can't just assume dub = bad!

AoT: Losing Conext, Again

This is a great video comparing the sub and the dub without really preferring one or the other. For this show, I personally think it's a case of "whichever you watch firs,t you will like better." I will explain what I mean by that more below ^^

Code Geass: A Great Dub...for those who watch it first!

Among dub fans, Code Geass is known to be a good dub! But I think it comes back to the point of "whichever you watch first, you'll like better." You can hear the voice comparisons here, and some of them do sound different. After you listen to the first episode, be it dub or sub, you'll be hooked on that specific voice. The other style will ALWAYS sound slightly off unless you're very open to looking at your favorite characters in a new perspective.
Whether you like a dub or not can often depend on if you've seen the sub or not!


Kiss scene :P I feel like this isn't even a spoiler anymore, lol.
Anyways! This is a fan dub, but you can see just how well done dub can be! Not every dub company will dub to this quality, but I think this is a great example of the fact that dub can be done well, it just isn't always done well.
Its like reading bad subs: you wouldn't have watched fan subbed anime if the subs were not right, you know? The same goes for dubs!


I haven't watched Free! but I came across this comparison of scenes where English is spoken from the sub to the dub. I wanted to include this because I've seen dub haters say they just hate the sound of shows in English and that's why dub is bad.
No, that's not why dub is bad sometimes. The real problem is done in the writing & in the casting! In this case, they changed the voice actors & lines for the Australian host family, and the English in the dub sounds sillier than the original. Why? I do not know, but they did. Other than that the dub seems pretty solid to me, but it's mistakes like this by dub companies that make sub lovers act as if dub can NEVER be good.
Which is incorrect ;)

Among dub fans, these 10 anime are known to be the best of the best dubs!

One show that you might be surprised to hear I like the dub of is...Fairy Tail!!! That's right. I know some people HATE the English dub voices....but I actually HATE the Japanese voices! Lol. I watched 100 episodes of the English dub before checking out the subs, and getting used to their voices in the dub ruined the chances of me enjoying the sub.
But that doesn't mean I go around saying sub sucks! Because it doesn't. Just like dub doesn't suck, and you should never make that blanket statement.

Dub or sub, it's up to the viewer which one they enjoy most, and that's why they BOTH exist. One does not need to conquer the other!

So, who agrees with me? :P

I think it depends with me. I prefer subtitles usually but if I'm watching it with my little brother or turn it on as background noise while I'm studying I like the dubbed version.
It's good both ways honestly it just depends on what your watching. For example I like the dubbed version of Soul Eater and Parasyte but I like the subbed versions of Free! and Black Butler. However I prefer subbed since the Japanese Voice actors really bring the characters alive. ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*
I much prefer subbed, mainly because I enjoy the voice actors more and plus, its really helped me learn the Japanese language (:
personally, I think it comes down to a couple of factors, most of which were brought up in this card by @hikaymm . I think it depends on the series and on the company that does the dub. Now since I saw this card I'm gonna look into the companies who do the dubs I watch. lol.... for example recently I noticed an anime I've seen the sub version of before started to get a dub version and I gave it a try, and man can I tell you I could find my phone fast enough to take it off of my TV.
you know, I'd have to say that .I like both versions. I don't think one is better than the other. but it does give you a way to have alternate story lines. Like reading a book and comparing it to the movie version.
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