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G-Dragon's petal thus far~
----> Episode 5
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Episode 6~
“Are you ready?” he asks softly, trying to hide the obvious concern in his voice.
“Okay, just like we planned. I'll see you in a sec, baby.”
He squeezes your hand gently then lets go so you can take off quickly to dodge the raging crowd that was ready to ambush. Someone had tipped off the paparazzi that Ji-Yong would be landing from Japan in the afternoon, thus his manager calling Ji-Yong to give him a heads up. The entire car ride to the Fukuoka airport, you planned out your case of action to avoid getting caught together and avoid a scandal. Though Ji-Yong denied that something like that would happen and that he didn't care who saw him with you, he finally gave in and agreed to your plans.
You adjust the medical mask on your face and swiftly exit the gate, keeping your head down to avoid eye contact with anyone that would call attention to you. As you turn the corner to leave the boarding zone, many individuals start running past you towards the gate you left. You hear excited screams and Ji-Yong's name getting chanted.
<<Shit. I have to move faster before he catches up.>>
You weave your way around the airport quickly and finally step into the elevator that takes you down to the garage.
<<Okay, where's his car?>> You scan the first level frantically, immediately running towards the car when you spot platinum Lamborghini in the private sector. You reach into your pocket and pull out the car keys, mentally thanking him for driving himself to the airport this time around instead of getting picked up.
The car door slides up and you jump in, shutting it immediately and lowering the seat all the way back to hide yourself in case people pass by. You close your eyes and drape an arm over your eyes, listening to the noises outside the car for what seemed like eternity.
The car door opens. You lower your arm to peek and see Ji-Yong sliding inside, tossing his luggage in the back. “Stay like that until we're on the freeway, I saw a herd of them running outside to wait by the entrance and the traffic right now isn't helping.”
You grab his bag and put it on top of yourself, using it to camouflage into the car's darker interior.
Ji-Yong chuckles as he turns on the car, “no need to take such drastic measures, the windows are tinted.”
“Doesn't matter, I'm not risking it, just tell me when we're safe.”
You catch the grin on his face off the rear mirror then feel the car begin to move. You close your eyes again and bite your lip to stay quiet. It wasn't long until Ji-Yong merged onto the freeway safely and checked that no one was following then reached over place his hand on top of yours.
“Coast clear?”
“Are you sure?”
“Positive, baby.”
You pull the lever and straighten the car seat to its original position, keeping his luggage on your lap just in case you need to duck again.
He snickers, “why are you so worried?”
“Because everyone knows hell breaks lose when an idol starts datin-”
His phone rings with an eerily distinctive ringtone. “Shit.”
You glance at him as he reaches for his phone and slides it open it to answer.
“Yes? .... Right now? .... Yeah, okay. .... Be right there. .... Oh. Yeah. .... Okay. ..... Bye.”
You raise an eyebrow, curious by the serious tone in his voice as he spoke. “Everything okay?” You ask softly.
Ji-Yong presses his lips into a thin line and forces a smile. “Yes, everything was.”
“That was the CEO..... he wants me in his office as soon as possible.”
“Oh. Well just drop me off somewhere and I'll catch the bus-”
“And he said to bring you too.... since he knows you're with me.”
You sit perfectly still, your hands on your lap and your head lowered, feeling the burning gaze of YG directly on you.
“So that's it? Ji-Yong asked you to tag along on the shoot and you jumped on the first plane to Fukuoka? I was told that you came to work and suddenly disappeared, I didn't expect to be receiving head shots of you participating with him in the photo shoot,” YG said in a stern tone. “Something's missing. What aren't you two telling me?”
<<Are we going to tell him about.... dating?>>
Ji-Yong throws his head back and sighs deeply, running his hands through his locks until he finishes then leans back forward. “There's more, a lot more, but it's a bit too complicated to explain, so I'll do my best.”
“I'm listening,” YG responds.
You lift your head to Ji-Yong, watching his face slowly transition into a serious mask.
“The night we held our party to celebrate our upcoming comeback, Seung-Hyun hyung and I walked her home since we couldn't drive under the influence and we didn't want her going alone after she forgot taxi money. Seung-Hyun got called away so I continued to make sure she got home safely.”
<<Wait- why is he lying? He was already there when I arrived....>>
“As we arrived, we both heard strange noises coming from inside the house. My initial thought was the director from the States, but when she told me that the director had left long ago, I realized it could be a burglar. I went ahead and noticed the door was unlocked after she had told me she had remembered locking it, that was when I saw the men inside. They weren't regular burglars, they were there to ambush her and kidnap her.
“We fought them off but in the process, one of the men hit her so hard, it was later revealed by my family doctor that she had suffered a pretty ugly concussion. Seung-Hyun came in the nick of time to lend a several hand, then Seung-Ri showed up too, together we overpowered the intruders and had Seung-Ri's detective friend take over while I brought her to my place until she got better.”
“You're living together?” YG repeated for clarification.
“Y-yes, but until I can find a new place,” you answer quickly.
“Actually, I'm not so sure about that but let me finish before we switch the topics,” Ji-Yong interrupted. “Boss, did you hear about the apartment that burned to the ground the other day?”
YG nodded, “what does that have to do with this-”
“That was her apartment. Whoever sent the intruders are obviously sending a nasty message, I've concluded that that very message and getting attacked has caused severe damage on our Flower here, thus suffering with some type of post traumatic stress. The day she came to Fukuoka, Young-Bae hyung went to take her some lunch and found her completely overwhelmed and having a panic attack as he described it to me. I had him put her on a plane and send her my way.
“It's not safe to leave her alone, especially when we don't know who is trying to hurt her nor what their motive might be.”
The CEO leans back in his chair and folds his arms across his chest, “I see. You're playing hero to this damsel in distress.”
Ji-Yong winced, “I'm not playing hero, I'm trying to protect her from herself and any potential danger because I love her.”
Your eyes stretch to the size of saucers at his words. You see YG's face harden into an expressionless facade from the corner of your eyes.
“I confessed in Japan after the shoot in private. No one was around to hear, I made sure of it. That means she'll be staying with me so I can-”
“Absolutely not. She needs to find an apartment immediately and move out.” YG shoots up and slams his hands on the desk. “Can you imagine how out of control the scandal could get if you get caught? You're even going to draw in more attention now that she participated in the shoot with you without a press release from the magazine.”
“I'm not asking you for permission. I've had to keep quiet about relationships for so long, this time around, I'll handle everything if commotion begins to stir.” Ji-Yong growls, giving you goosebumps from the icy in his voice.
The CEO stares at him, his eyes burning with anger, “you don't realize what you're doing. You're going to cause more harm than good, Ji-Yong. Think about what you're risking in the long run-”
“What I'm risking is never being happy in my life. I found happiness, and I plan on keeping it regardless of who I have to fight.”
<<He's putting me over his career!?>>
YG closes his eyes and drops back in the chair. “I'm not releasing any public announcement about this. One the Vogue issue releases, I want to see how the fans and everyone else will react, especially how you two will deal with it. I'll make a decision on what to do afterwards.” His eyes tear open. “I expect the two of you to act as professional as possible in and out of the building. That means keeping quiet about everything.”
Ji-Yong stands up, “don't worry about it. I have everything under control.” He offers you his hand and pulls you up.
“I expect you in your office tomorrow finishing the paper work you were suppose to finish,” YG growls at you.
You bow deeply, “it will be done by tomorrow morning.”
Ji-Yong bows with you then leads you out of the office, letting of your hand as you step outside. You walk in silence to your office to pick up the paper work then set off again to the underground garage.
“He's right, I should move out-”
“Don't say that.” Ji-Yong interrupts you while turning onto the road.
“But he's right! I will only cause troubl-”
“No you won't.” He growls angrily.
You ball your fits on your lap, “Ji-”
“Drop it, okay? I finally have you in my arms after waiting for so long, I'm not going to let anyone rip that away from me. You're not walking away after getting scared, and I'm not letting anything harm a single strand of hair on your head. You're stuck with me and that's final.”
You turn away from him, clenching your fists tightly to keep the tears from welding up in the corners of your eyes after hearing Ji-Yong's infuriated tone snap at you.
The rest of the car ride was silent. He pulls into his garage and shuts off the engine. You curl your fingers around the door handle, freezing in place when Ji-Yong re-locks the car doors.
You jerk your head to him, finding him already staring at you with a serious expression. “What?”
“You're not running away,” he says softly, striking you in the heart from seeing how gentle his eyes had quickly become.
“I wasn't going to, I was going to climb out.”
Ji-Yong stretches his arms around you and pulls you into his arms, his lips on your head. “I'm sorry for getting angry.”
You grab onto his shirt, feeling the soft fabric on your palm help erase the tingly sensation of being squeezed for so long. “It's okay. I understand.”
He kisses your hair, rubbing your back to pull you in further. “Trust me on this okay? Trust me on everything I'm doing. I know it's going to be tough here and there, but I'm going to be with you every step of the way.”
“I know, Ji. I know. I'll be here too,” you reply, failing to blink back the tears in time.
He pulls you back and smiles before wiping the tears off your cheek with his thumb, “I'm glad to hear that baby. We'll ride or die on this, nothing will change what I feel for you.”
Ji-Yong continues wiping off your tears a second longer then leans in to kiss you deeply.
The anxiety invaded your body over the next few weeks. Your head shots from not been released, leaving the general public in the dark about your participation. Everything was kept quiet. You went to work with Ji-Yong in the same car but hitched a ride on the bus back in the evening to avoid getting caught.
You've noticed Ji-Yong growing irritated with staying indoors on every date night you two have but even he remains quiet whenever you bring up the topic of going out, watching him chew on his lip in thought before switching the conversation elsewhere. He kept a cute and cheery facade for the longest time until the night you began to sleep in his bed. The very first night he had hugged you tightly, rubbing your back and continuously kissing your forehead until you fell asleep. You had gotten the vibe that he too was being cautious about the situation, using every moment with you to the fullest by filling you with kisses and plenty of teasing.
The release of the Vogue issue blew up like wild fire. The day before the storm you had been able to scan through your social medias like a regular person, liking photos and giggling at videos but the moment the photos dropped, notifications of articles with your face attached swarmed your phone.
The mixture of reactions didn't help your anxiety. While some supported the photos and commented positively on the pleasant surprise, others began to theorize on why you were included in the photo shoot without YG nor Vogue announcing your appearance, many claiming it was your surprise debut as a model, while others argued that you had a deeper relationship with Ji-Yong than just friendship.
Ji-Yong sprawls onto your lap with a deep yawn, “let's go out to eat, I'm too tired to cook.”
You trace the curvature of his nose, “you sure? I can cook, it's my turn anyways.”
He grabs your hand and kisses your fingertips, “yeah, I'm sure. I feel like we've been trapped here like animals, I think it's time we should go out.”
You grin, “I thought we were already going out.”
He rolls his eyes, smiling underneath your hand, “never thought you'd tease me back.”
Ji-Yong leads you into a quiet BBQ restaurant, greeting the owners with a bow before pulling your hand to a table in the corner. “I remember coming here with the members when we were younger and had just gotten paid. I got really drunk here and had the others drag my body back to our dorm at the time, it wasn't a pleasant time but now that I look back on it, it's a funny memory.”
You giggle, “when did this happen?”
Ji-Yong grins from ear to ear, “a long time ago, but even my debut days feel like they were just yesterday.”
You stare at him, admiring his smooth features and warm smile as he flipped over the pork strips on the grill.
<<It's like we're regular people here, living a simple life, enjoying a normal relationship. Why can't it just stay like this? Is there any way I can slow down time just to gaze at his gorgeous features?>> You flush brightly at your thoughts slowly becoming a bit perverted with the images of him in his boxers creeping in when you catch a glimpse of Ji-Yong's bare collar. <<Good god, what did I do to deserve this? He doesn't even have to do anything but look at me and already I feel like my heart is going to explode. Sleeping beside him doesn't help, especially when he's breathing on me in the middle of the night.>>
Ji-Yong looks up from the grill, his eyebrows crashing together in concern, “are you okay? You're red. Are you feeling sick?”
Your heart stops beating. <<He can't read minds, right? He's not that powerful, right!?>>
“I'm fine, just feeling a little warm.”
He stands up and leans forward, placing his hand on your forehead, “you feel fine, maybe you should just drink more water.”
<<Oh sweetheart, that won't clench my thirst for you.>> “Good idea.” You grab your glass and chug half the glass down.
Back home, Ji-Yong leans his whole weight on you and slowly collapses on the ground. “Help, I've fallen for a beautiful girl and I have no intentions of getting up.”
You laugh, “stop it! That was way too cheesy even for your level.”
He grabs your hand and yanks you down, making you land on top of him. He quickly wraps his arms and legs around you and rolls to his side, “let's just sleep here tonight.”
“On the floor? We'll get sick.”
He kisses your jaw, “not if we cuddle real close.”
You snort, “the ground is dirty.”
Ji-Yong pulls back immediately with a fierce glare, “this ground is not dirty. I cleaned up this morning.”
A smirk blossoms across your lips as you lean in to kiss his nose, “I know, I'm only teasing.”
“That wasn't funny,” he whispers.
You kiss his chin, “what are you going to do about it?”
“Well if you weren't so distracting, I'd already have thought of something but I obviously don't so I'm going to kiss you until you complain about your lips getting sore.”
You giggle then find his lips, “I don't think I'd complain actually, but I'd be happy to pretend if it makes you feel better.”
“Shush, let me begin already,” he grins against your lips before ambushing you with sweet bullets in the form of kisses.
It was a horror like you'd never imagined. Someone had taken pictures of you and Ji-Yong while you were at dinner, publishing them on the internet while a photo of your solo photo shoot with Ji-Yong during the BIGBANG comeback promotion was leaked from another source, turning the theories into rumors that had spread like wild fire all over the web and on television over the course of one night.
You made Ji-Yong agree to let you take a taxi to work to lessen the chances of getting caught together again, but even though you left earlier than usual to beat any paparazzi, you still get ambushed while making your way towards the back entrance.
<<What do I do? What do I do?!>> You move slowly, desperately searching for any way to escape but with the flash repeatedly going off, finding a hole in the crowd was harder than dodging their questions. You smile politely and continue inching towards the entrance, praying that one of the security guards would hear the commotion and come out to save you.
Car tires squeal loudly, making everyone cringe at the sound and turn towards the source. You notice the platinum color of Ji-Yong's Lamborghini swiftly turning the sharp corner and zipping into the garage. The paparazzi stops taking pictures, keeping their attention on the garage entrance until Ji-Yong appears around the corner heading directly towards you.
They begin snapping away pictures and calling out his name, finding ways to try to provoke any type of response from him.
<<Please don't be mad, please don't be mad.>>
The crowd opens up to let Ji-Yong make his way in. He walks past you with his hand reached out and grabs your hand, pulling you with him and pushing through the crowd as he keeps a tight grasp around your hand. The security guards come running out of the building, pushing back the paparazzi while you two make your way inside and straight into the elevator.
His fingers still wrapped around your own until you make it to the recording studio and close the door. He smacks the wall as soon as he lets you go. “Those bastards! How could they corner you like that? Do they have any respect for your personal space!? I was about to rip them apart! I shouldn't have let you come alone, I knew something bad was going to happen, I just knew it-”
“Ji!” you interject, making him turn his head back to you. “It's okay. I shouldn't have come alone but I would rather get caught alone than worsen the rumors-”
“To hell with the rumors! I wouldn't give a damn about what they say about me. They know I'm human so why can't I be happy without people coming at me like I'm an animal?”
You press your lips into a thin line and approach him, gasping in surprise the second he reaches out and scoops you into his arms tightly, burying his head in your neck.
“I'm so sorry you had to go through that, baby.”
You wrap your arms around him and hold on to him just as tightly, “it's okay. I'm glad you came to my rescue. I thought I was going to die for a second.”
He chuckles lightly and pulls back, “my girlfriend-is-in-danger sense were tingling.”
You smile, “is that what you call it?”
The door opens, making you and Ji-Yong freeze in place then quickly sigh in relief when you see it was just the other members piling in.
“Yaah! So it is true!” Seung-Ri gasps the moment he sees you two.
You let go of Ji-Yong causing him to latch onto you tighter.
“I told you but you wouldn't listen,” Tae-Yang laughs.
“Maybe you two should find a new place to make out, there's a whole crowd of paparazzi waiting outside the building for either of you to make an appearance,” TOP chuckles.
Ji-Yong sighs and lets you go to slide an arm around your waist. “Trust me, we already got attacked this morning. It wasn't pretty.”
Dae-Sung shakes his head, “how are you going to deal with this? Does the boss know about you two?”
“He knows. He's pulling his usual look-the-other-way card,” Ji-Yong replies.
“Aishh, what a bummer. And here I thought I actually had a shot on going on a date with you,” Seung-Ri grins.
“Yaah! I'll hit you!”
Seung-Ri runs over and hides behind Dae-Sung, peeking over Dae's shoulder.
“Well whatever you decide on doing, be careful. Whoever is after her may have further motive to come back and attack again,” Tae-Yang comments.
“Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.”
“So. We haven't exactly heard the details of how this all went down, somebody mind explaining?” TOP smirks.
You shake your head, “I have to get to my office so I'll leave you gossip girls alone.”
As you leave Ji-Yong's arms, he quickly grabs your hand and spins you around, pulling you back in for another hug, making the members ooooo.
"Call me if you need anything and I'll be there.”
Getting home at the end of the day was miraculously smooth without running into any paparazzi or fans with their cameras out. However, the photos from earlier that morning had been released and added even more fuel to the dating rumors. Without a response from YG, fans and media outlets have grown bitter and aggressive with their demand for answers.
You shut off your phone and set it down beside you, rubbing your temples to prevent a headache from forming. Ji-Yong hung up from his phone conversation and flopped down beside you, tilting to the side to lean his head on your arm.
His hand reaches for your own and brings it down on his lap, his thumb caressing your knuckles. “You're still not going to run away again, right?”
A small smile grows on your lips, “no, I'm still here.”
“Good. I'll figure out a way to survive this mess, just trust me.”
“I'm not worried, you said ride or die and I'm holding onto that.”
Ji-Yong straightens up and pulls you in for a quick kiss, “that's my baby.”
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The only thing that could get me to turn off Suga's mixtape was remembering it was Monday and so there would be a new chapter. And it was worth it! So good. Love seeing Ji so protective and loving. And I can't imagine how hard it would be to keep my thoughts quiet around him, he is one I would worry about mind reading abilities, he's just so far beyond us normal humans that nothing would surprise me.
OMO!! this was soo good! Why YG acting like that though?! He knows he loves those guys, doesn't he want them to be happy?! but why wait until Thursday!?! It's too far!! I want it nooooowwww!!! and yes I'm whining! LMAO!
Damnnnnnn Papa YG wasn't Tryna hear none of that when it's cones to jiyong lol..
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