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Part 2- had to split up because of word limit!
It was a photo taken from outside, as you could see what was in the shot through a windows perspective. And it was a photo of Sooyoung in bed. But not with Jungkook. She was in bed with Jimin. The two of them naked, with her on top, and him smiling up at her.
I looked back down at her, and noticed scratches on her arm. Faint, but definitely there. On closer inspection, I could see what they were spelling out. Lust.
“What was on that paper?”, Jungkook asked, his voice cracking at the end. He deserved to know, but confidentiality was a big part of the field I worked in. “Sooyoung was...cheating on you Jungkook.”.
“What? No”, he scoffed through the tears. “No way.” I noticed the way Jimin paled. “This photo proves it”, I said quietly.
“Show me”, he demanded. I shook my head. “I’m afraid I can't disclose who she was with right now. But if you want clarification, then look at her arm. You’ll see the word-”
“-Lust?”, Yoongi asked, finishing off the sentence.
“Y/n!”, I heard Taehyung’s voice in the distant. “Found him!” The fact that Taehyung hadn’t come back with Namjoon, and was calling me to come to him, didn’t seem promising.
I pocketed the photo, trying to located him. “Where are you?”
“Left corridor, third room down!”
I followed his instructions, only to find the room empty. “Taehyung?”
“The en suite”, he said, poking his head around the corner, making me jump. I followed him in and shut my eyes, ready to yell out in exasperation. Namjoon was lying on the tiled floor with a slit throat, the word ‘envy’ written in red on the mirror.
I wanted to cry. These people were dying, and Jungkook was right. We weren’t working fast enough. I glanced at Taehyung with wet, red-rimmed eyes. “Get the four of them down in the room. Right now.”
He knew better than to question me. Off he went as I stared at Namjoon;s unmoving form, remembering how he admitted that he thought he’d be the ‘envy’ victim. “I’m sorry”, I whispered, before leaving the bathroom and following Taehyung out.
I already knew Yoongi couldn’t be the murderer because he was with me when Sooyoung and Namjoon were killed. I waited for Taehyung at the top of the stairs, and he returned with a stoic Yoongi, an uneasy Seokjin, a distraught Jungkook and a guilty Jimin.
On the way down, he whispered ‘thank you’ to me. Without looking at him, I replied in a quiet voice, “Oh, don’t get me wrong, Mr Park. I didn’t do that to save your ass. I did it out of respect for the deceased.” He didn’t reply. It was actually a mix of both. Mr Jeon seemed like the kind of guy you didn’t want to get onto the wrong side of, so I kept quiet about Jimin.
Taehyung was just in front of me, so I put a gentle hand on his shoulder to match our pace and silently showed him the photo. His eyes widened and he whispered to me, “You haven’t shown him have you?” I shook my head.
As we got downstairs, all the colour drained out of Seokjin’s face as he laid eyes Jinri’s body for the first time. “Jesus Christ”, he whispered in horror. The rest of the boys were stunned into silence- not for the first time that night.
I had lost all track of time, but a quick glance of the grandfather clock told me it was half three in the morning. Let’s see who would live to see dawn. As the boys filed into the room, Taehyung quickly went to check the front door. As he struggled with it, he said, “Just as I thought. Someone- most likely the perpetrator- locked it as soon as they got the chance.”
I felt a migraine coming on as I pinched the bridge of my nose. Never had a case got to me before. Never. But then again, this wasn’t any old case. This was a live serial killer on the loose. A serial killer that went by the name of either Jimin, Jungkook or Seokjin. It had to be one of them.
I walked in, staring coldly at the three of them. “Sit.”
Of course, Jimin had to speak up. “We’re not dog-”
“-I said sit. God knows you do not want to test me right now”, I ordered again, staring daggers at the man before me. He narrowed his eyes, but slowly took a seat. Taehyung came in and shut the door, taking a seat one away from Yoongi, who had gone back to his original seat on the far side of the room.
The three of them sat in a row, and I paced in front of them. “Mr Jeon.” He looked up at the sound of his name. “Were you aware that Miss Park was being unfaithful? And tell me the truth.”
“I had no idea about Sooyoung.” His voice came out raw and raspy. “And had I known, I would’ve done the normal thing and broken up with her, not fucking murdered her!”
I said nothing to that. He seemed to have a disposition to anger, so it seemed he definitely had it in him to hurt...or even kill. But he also had no known incentives to kill the others.
I slammed my fist down on the solid granite table, which hurt more than I cared to admit. “If you guys aren’t gonna talk, I’ll make you”, I warned. “Oh right? And how do you plan on doing that?”, Jimin challenged.
“Simple. You all get tied up and no one leaves until someone owns up.” Seokjin’s eyes widened with indignation. “You will do no such thing!”
“Oh? And why’s that? Will it interrupt your murdering spree?”
He looked at me in disbelief, his face going pink. “I’m not the killer!”, he cried out. I was past feeling sorry at this point. “I didn’t invite everyone to my house to kill them!” He was actually shaking, which made me frown. “OK Seokjin, calm down.”
“H-how can I calm down when you’re accusing me of such a...such a heinous crime?”
“Seokjin”, Yoongi spoke quietly. “It’s an interrogation man. She’s not actually calling you the killer, chill.” He seemed to visibly relax, so I moved onto Jimin.
“You. Mr Park. Former business partner of the first victim, is that correct?”
“Correct”, he replied, voice strained. “Any relations at all with Miss Choi?”
“Is that so?”, I challenged. He knew the meaning behind my words.
“I’m gonna need more than one word answers, Mr Park.”
He sighed heavily, and looked me right in the eye. “No I was not fucking Jinri, Ms Y/n. Anything else?” Seokjin looked surprised at the coarse language Jimin had used, but the younger boy thought nothing of it. He didn’t take his eyes off me, as if he was silently challenging me.
“I should have just let the police arrest you all”, I muttered. “You'd all be in cells, but at least you’d be alive.”
“That was my call”, Seokjin replied, staring at his feet. “Why do you think the police left so willingly? I paid them to leave. People like us...we don’t go to jail. That’s why you were called in.”
“Well, I’ll call them now”, I said suddenly, but Seokjin shook his head. “I tried when I was hiding. I couldn’t find my mobile, and someone cut the phone lines, so they’re not working.”
I turned to Taehyung. “You have you’re phone, right? Mines in the car, but you called me on yours earlier.”
I felt like I was giving up, handing them all over to the police, but this was beyond me. “It died”, Tae replied sheepishly. I shut my eyes, telling myself to calm down, before opening them again, with no choice but to interrogate until someone broke.
I glanced at Jungkook. “Mr Jeon, you’re very quiet.”
“My girlfriends been murdered. I’m hardly gonna be yelling the place down am I?” I looked around, to see if there was anything I could bind their wrists with. The only thing I could use was their belts, by the looks of things.
“All three of you, take your belts off”, I ordered. Yoongi snorted in amusement. “There’s a time and a place, Miss y/n.” I threw him a glare, and turned back to the three of them. Jungkook and Jimin, to my surprise complied, but Seokjin looked embarrassed.
I blinked at him, waiting. “These trousers are really big on me.” That was the explanation I got. “Belt please, Seokjin. As long as you stay sat down, the trousers will be fine. He was mumbling under his breath, even as I fastened the belt around him.
I had just moved on to Jimin when the lights started to flicker, making me feel sick. The familiar sense of dread settled in the pit of my stomach. I swiftly moved onto Jungkook and had just secured the belt, when it went black.
Carefully, I stepped away from all three, finding my way round the room, tripping a couple of time, before finding Tae and Yoongi. I placed a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder, making him jump slightly, but he soon realised, it was just me.
It was quiet. Very quiet. “Y/n, what are we waiting for, exactly?”, Taehyung whispered.
“I have this feeling we’re trapped here until we figure out which one of them it is. If they’re tied up, the lights can go on and off as much as they want, but we will eventually find our killer.”
I still hadn’t figured out how these lights were being controlled. There was another pause, before Seokjin’s panicked voice broke the silence. “Who’s there?”
“Sorry Jin, that was my leg”, Jimin muttered.
“N-no, someone touched my hair”, he replied shakily. “Oh my god, who is it?!”
“Seokjin! Stop flailing, there’s no one else here!”, Jimin ordered. I stood up in alarm, Yoongi standing with me. “Seokjin?”, I called out. “You need to calm down, it’s not possible for anyone to touch you. You’re scared, that’s understandable.”
“Miss y/n”, he sobbed. “Help me, please.” Even I was scared now-= not being able to see shit made us helpless. “Mr Kim”, Taehyung tried to calm him down too. “Please just take a deep br-”
The sudden sound of gunshot, made me yell out, and Yoongi dragged me down and pushed me under the table in defense- Taehyung soon followed. Jimin and Jungkook were cursing loudly, so it didn’t take a genius to figure out which one of them had just been shot.
I didn’t realise, the distant thud I could hear was actually Yoongi’s heartbeat- in the moment, I had buried my head in his chest- but he hadn’t pushed me away, so I stayed there. “Y/n, come and untie us right now!”, Jimin yelled, clearly scared.
“Jimin”, Yoongi called. “We can’t see anything and you’re on the opposite side of the room!”
“How?”, Was all Tae could ask. That was the question on my mind too. Yoongi had been next to us, and the three survivors had been tied up. How? How had Seokjin been shot? I was stumped.
The lights came back on shortly after, and I pulled away from Yoongi and slowly crawled out from under the table. Jimin was staring at the body next to him in horror, and Jungkook wasn’t even looking. His eyes were shut, and he was breathing very rapidly. A sign of shock.
Seokjin was slumped forward, his hands still tied. It was what was placed in his hands that had my attention. An apple. A godamn apple. “Gluttony”, I whispered. He was right about his deadly sin.
“Y/n, the table behind you”, Taehyung spoke up. I turned and saw a revolver, presumably the one that had been used to kill Seokjin. I turned to Jimin, then to Jungkook, then back to Jimin. They were still tied up, so how could it have been them? I didn’t understand.
“I told you after Jinri died”, Jungkook breathed out, his eyes still shut tight. “I told you we couldn’t be alone.”
“Seokjin told us the CCTV system resets after 12 hours”, Taehyung replied. “So for that to be true, the killer would have had to sneak into this house basically the day before to not be caught on camera.”
“Please untie us detective”, Jimin pleaded. “I can’t go through that again.” I agreed, despite having a bad feeling about letting them free like that. I untied Jimin first, handing him the belt back.
As I undid the belt around Jungkook’s wrist, he spoke. “Y/n. If I’m going to die, at least do me the courtesy of telling me who she was seeing.” I sighed, rubbing at my temples. “Mr Jeon, what good will knowing do?”
“It’s my right.”
“For fuck’s sake, it was me!”, Jimin exclaimed, standing up. Jungkook just stared up at him, slowly fastening his belt simultaneously. “Sooyoung was seeing me. She came to me once in the middle of the night, bawling her eyes out, saying you were passed out, drunk. Said you were always mad, abusive. And that she couldn’t take it anymore.”
“So you thought ‘Oh, let’s fuck’? You sick bastard.” Jungkook clearly had no fight left in him as all he did was sit there and look up and Jimin darkly.
Taehyung shook his head at me. “I don’t get it y/n. There’s two deadly sins left, but three of them alive. But none of them did it- no one in here could have killed Seokjin.”
“Then maybe Jungkook’s right”, I gulped. “Maybe...we aren’t alone after all.”
“How do we catch a killer who only strikes when we can’t see him?”
“I don’t know Mr Min”, I sighed. “I’m thinking we could set some kind of trap...”
“Speak quietly”, Jimin hissed. “They’re probably listening!”
“It’s almost four in the morning”, Jungkook mumbled. “How about we hide until the sun comes up and the gates outside automatically unlock?”
I blinked tiredly at him. “Mr Jeon. It’s the middle of winter. We’re not gonna get any daylight until around seven thirty, which is three and a half hours away. Now, with how frequent these attacks are, are you really willing to hedge your bets?”
“Jeon, I don’t think you can hide from this guy”, Yoongi added. “Even in the dark, he knew where Seokjin was sat. And he didn’t just pick at random- he wanted Seokjin.”
I still didn’t get one thing. “If there are two deadly sins left, but three of you, does that mean the killer’s letting one of you walk free? Perhaps one of you is really close to the attacker and they don’t want you dead.”
I was looking at Jimin as I said this, because Yoongi had admitted to sloth, and I reckoned Jungkook was wrath, so that left him. But Jimin just looked lost. “No idea. I can’t think of anyone who wold hate us enough to try and kill us in such brutal ways.”
“I feel like Mr Jung’s murder...the greed one? I feel like that was bait for us y/n”, Taehyung mused. “But where do we fit into the equation?”
I shrugged. “Maybe it’s the killers idea of fun. God knows.”
“I thought I would be envy”, Jimin muttered, looking away. “When Hoseok told me he no longer wanted to work with me...and then picked Min, I felt...I felt jealous. But I guess no one else could have known that except me. So...maybe I’m a red herring?”
“Maybe. Or he’ll come after you, and us, for the sake of it. He can’t really escape the crime scene when three of us are still alive.”
“Why are you talking like me and Yoongi are dead for sure?”, Jungkook snapped.
“Mr Jeon. The majority of the friends you were having a good time with, mere hours ago, are now dead. And we are no closer to finding out who killed them. How the hell do you expect me to make empty promises at this point, telling you you’ll be fine?”
The lights started to flicker. “No no no no NO!”, I shouted. “Come out you bastard! Stop playing games!”
“Y/n, that’s not gonna help”, Taehyung interjected, rushing towards me. “We need to go and hide. Right now.” I let him drag me out, and as soon as we left the room, it went dark.
I heard Jimin and Jungkook run past us to go and hide, but Yoongi stopped behind us. I think he probably thought staying with us was somehow a safer option for him, although I highly doubted it.
“Upstairs”, he whispered. “I know the perfect hiding place.” Taehyung had let go of me to climb the stairs, so I instinctively grabbed Yoongi’s hand- who himself was too nervous to make fun of me.
Taehyung was extremely fast and nimble on his feet, and as s result of that, once again, I lost him to the darkness. “Shit”, I whispered. Yoongi squeezed my hand- a surprisingly affection gesture from him, I would’ve thought.
This time at the top of the stairs, he pulled me to the left and into the second room on the right. He knew how to get there pretty fast, so I assumed it was his room. Shutting the door behind us, he walked straight through the spacious room, and stopped. I heard a small rattle and whispered, “What are you doing?”
“Balcony”, was all he replied with. He got the door open after a moment of fumbling about, and after we were both outside, he slid it shut, hiding the fact that we were out here as best as he could with curtains.
I saw his paler than usual face, illuminated by the moonlight. Looking down, I couldn’t actually see the ground engulfed in darkness, so it was safe to assume we were quite high up. We were facing the back of the house, so I assumed there was just grass down there.
I could sense him looking. “The almighty detective scared of heights?” I scoffed. “Oh please. It’s Taehyung that’s scared of heights, not me.”
“That so? Is it also Taehyung that needs his hand holding, or a hug in the dark?”
“You’re not funny Min.”
He didn’t reply, so I kept on staring out into the distance, unaware of what he was doing. He suddenly pushed me from behind, with just enough force so I toppled forward slightly, my hands shooting out to grab onto the ledge. I bit back a shriek, turning around to face him.
He looked amused. “Not afraid of heights, huh?”
“You are a grade A asshole”, I choked out, adrenaline still coursing through me at the thought of falling over the edge. He chuckled, moving towards me. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”
He moved some stray strands out of my face, and I frowned slightly. Was he OK? The same hand moved to m shoulder and rested at the back of my neck. I opened my mouth to ask him what he was doing, but before I could get a word out, he was softly kissing me.
I was too stunned to do anything, so opted to wait until he pulled away. Even in the dim light, I could see his shining, yet dark, eyes and their intense stare. “I’m sorry”, he apologised in a manner that wasn’t bashful and unapologetic at all.
“I just thought, you know, seeing as I’m gonna die soon...fuck it.” I couldn’t help the small smile that played on my lips, despite how unprofessional this was. “In any other situation, I woulda mistaken you for a romantic, Mr Min.”
“Oh, well that I am”, he winked, making me laugh. “I don’t get to meet people like you and Taehyung. Not in the circles I’m in. You seem so easygoing If I make it out of here alive, I would want to stay in touch.”
This time, I unashamedly initiated it, bringing my lips to his in a long, languid kiss. “I’d like that.” Through the thick curtains, I could just about see that the lights were now back on.
Yoongi noticed too. “Let’s see who that fucker was after this time.”
It didn’t take us long to find him. Pushed down the marble staircase and a dull blow to the head- the baseball bat next to the body. Taehyung was stood a few steps up, looking down at the still boy. He turned when he heard us. “The bat has ‘wrath’ written on it.”
It was of course, Mr Jeon Jungkook. His neck was bent at a weird angle- I think it was broken. “I’m going insane y/n, we need to break a window and get the fuck out.” Taehyung’s hands were shaking.
“These windows are enforced in case of a burglary”, Yoongi informed. “Seokjin and Hoseok both paid to have them strengthened for safety reasons. They are impossible to break. And they don’t open wide enough for people to get in or out.”
Taehyung slowly sank down onto the step, head in hands. But wait...where was Jimin.
“Mr Park?” I called out, only to be greeted by my own echo.”Mr Park!”
He appeared at the top of the stairs, looking like he was going to throw up. “Sorry. I needed to pee. Drank a lot earlier.” I sighed in relief, but then shot him an annoyed look.
“Jungkook was ahead of the hell did someone drag him back to the stairs?”, Yoongi wondered out loud.
“They probably knocked him out with the bat first”, I replied. “This killer isn’t only physically strong- we all saw what he did to Jinri- but he’s also smart. He thinks ahead.”
“Why are we assuming it’s a ‘he’?”, Jimin asked.
I shrugged. “I’ve been in this line of work a while Mr Park. I’m speaking purely from statistical evidence. We tend to catch more males with these type of crimes rather then females.”
“Although this killer could be anywhere in the house, I think they are downstairs”, I whispered, emphasising the word ‘they’ for Jimin.
“But Jungkook was pushed from upstairs?”, Jimin questioned. “So won’t they be up there somewhere?”
“Mr Park, surely a wealthy entrepreneur as yourself, who no doubt is a smart alec would realise that the murderer would have to come downstairs to position the bat and prop it up against the wall?”
That shut him up. “We have one sin left”, I continued, glancing at Yoongi. Perhaps he wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. Well nonetheless, I really didn’t want him getting killed.
“Yup”, Yoongi smiled, although it didn’t reach his eyes. “Son of a bitch is coming for me.”
“Why are you so calm about it Mr Min? He hasn’t failed getting his targets once. So if you really are next on the list, you’re a goner”, Taehyung reminded him- even though by now it was obvious.
“I almost didn’t come to this stupid party you know. I hate gatherings. Couldn’t care for them. But Hoseok was coming and I knew how bored he gets at them I went. And now look. He’s dead and I’m about to die.” Yoongi honestly just looked like he was accepting the end.
But I wasn’t having it. The fatigue and despair gone, leaving determination in their wake. “No. This isn’t the end Mr Min, we’ll-”
“-Yoongi”, he interrupted.
I stopped talking for a second. “What?”
“Call me Yoongi, please. Formalities are hardly important right now.”
“This is not the end Yoongi. We’ll figure it out OK? Nothing’s gonna happen to you?”
“Is lying a compulsory course in detective training?”, he smiled.
“The killer always strikes when the intended victim is on their own”, I pressed on. “So...perhaps you’re safe if we stay with you?”
I sighed in frustration when he didn’t respond. “Listen to me. I’m not letting that fucker kill you because you like to take naps!”
“Shh, they’ll hear you!”, Jimin hushed me with wide eyes.
“He’s psychotic, y/n”, Taehyung murmured, placing a hand on my shoulder. “He’s planned all this. He’ll want to complete the job.”
I could feel my face heat up- not out of embarrassment, but because I was getting upset. Uncharacteristically so. Too many people had died on our watch already. Too many.
“The lights are gonna go any minute now”, Yoongi looked around at the three of us. “You guys need to go and hide.”
“As do you”, I insisted.
“He’s gonna find me anyway y/n. What’s the point?”
“The point is you are 23 years old and have done nothing wrong!”
“Oh but I’ve done plenty wrong in my time. You don’t get to the top with just hard work and determination. You have to play around a bit. Lie. Manipulate. And I’ve done plenty of that.”
I jumped slightly when the familiar sight of flickering lights unexpectedly appeared. Yoongi glanced up at the bulb, and I grabbed his arm to stop him from doing anything stupid.
“Tae and Jimin -hide. Careful not to trip on Jungkook’s body”, I ordered, eyes trained on Yoongi. Obviously Taehyung stayed with me, and Jimin ran for dear life. Me and Yoongi maintained eye contact until it went completely dark once more. I felt him gently try to pry my fingers away.
“Yoongi, no”, I whispered. He blindly searched for my face- almost poking my eye out in the process, before resting his surprisingly cool palm against my cheek. He wasn’t hot or perspiring because of nerves- he felt cold.
It wasn’t long before his lips were on mine for a brief, chaste kiss. “Thank you”, he murmured against my mouth, before yanking himself free. I searched around for him, accidentally hitting Taehyung in the process. “Yoongi? Min Yoongi! Come back here right now!”, I called out.
“Y/n”, Taehyung grabbed my arm, “Yelling at the top of your voice isn’t exactly the best thing to do in this situation.” My heart was thudding in my chest and I was breathing rapidly. Yoongi was the first person we could rule out as the killer- we had known he was innocent for a while. I didn’t want him to die. Bt there wasn’t a lot I could do in the pitch black, so I let Tae slowly lead me down the stairs in the direction Jimin had ran.
Jimin was probably in the dining room, but we honestly couldn’t see where the hell anything was so we waiting at the bottom of the stairs, wary that Jungkook’s body was right next to us.
It was around five minutes before we could see again. Me and Taehyung exchanged glances before running up the stairs, knowing full well that’s where Yoongi went.
I had an idea of where he could have gone- the balcony. I went into the second room on the right, just as he had done before, and made a beeline for the billowing curtains- that meant the sliding doors had been left open. Taehyung just followed me silently, both of us nervous about stumbling across the next body.
And there he was. Death by asphyxiation. The killer had used a pillow to cut off his air supply, resulting in the slight blue tinge to his skin. He looked at peace, just as he had done not even ten minutes earlier when he was talking to us.
Then we both spotted what was beside him. “Taehyung isn’t that your pen and notebook?”, I breathed out. Talking was hard when my chest was tightening so hard it was borderline painful.
I crouched down next to Yoongi, squinting at what was written. “Sloth.”
“Taehyung. We failed. We fucking failed. That’s seven people dead. Seven sins. The killer is still roaming. And we still have Jimin-”
I stopped what I was saying and gasped, “Jimin! Shit, we should check on him Tae. I think he went to the dining room.” So the two of us ran back down, me almost slipping on the marble surface.
As we could to the bottom step, Tae started calling out, “Mr Park? You alright?”
Jimin really needed to start answering when we called him. “Jimin?”, I joined in. The two of us opened the now familiar wooden double doors into the dining room and I almost threw up at the sight before me.
Jimin. Lying on the granite table. Multiple stab wounds to his torso. His shirt lifted up. And the word ‘envy’ carved onto his stomach. “I-i don’t understand”, Taehyung whispered, rubbing my back as I covered my face with my hands.
“Two envy victims? Wasn’t the butler ‘envy’ as well?” Just as he asked that, we heard someone upstairs. Footsteps.
“Oh my god”, I whispered, as our eyes shot up to the ceiling in fear. “Tae, let’s shut this door.” We were trapped. The killer must have thought it safe to just kill everyone- which is probably why Jimin had been killed. But why associate him with a sin too? Why would he do that when he already had seven victims?
The heavy footsteps sounded like they were on the stairs now. Me and Taehyung walked around the long table, past Seokjin’s body, and stood on the other side, so at least we had the table between us and the killer- fat lot of good that would do though.
I hugged Taehyung when we heard the person stop right outside the wooden doors. We were both shaking from fear. This person had been murdering one by one, but even the fact that there were two of us wouldn’t calm me down in the slightest.
The door was opening slowly. I hid my face in Taehyung’s arm, not wanting to look. In fact, I didn’t look back up until I heard Taehyung’s incredulous voice ask, “You?”
My head shot up and I gasped. “How?”, was all I could choke out. It was Kim Namjoon, the butler. The butler we had seen upstairs with the slit throat. The butler we thought dead, but was very much alive.
I glanced at his throat. It looked clean-not a trace of red in sight. He gave us a chilling smile, shutting the door firmly behind him. “The best detectives around? Ha. Pull the other one.”
“We saw you! You weren’t breathing!”, Taehyung exclaimed.
“You were so panicked, you didn’t notice I was breathing, just very slowly. The shock of that whore’s death made you unable to use your brains apparently.”
I gaped at him. “You killed them all...why?”
Namjoon glanced at Seokjin and Jimin’s bodies in disgust. “Every single one of those fuckers deserved it. Prestigious bastards, think they can treat me like shit. They never knew the dirt I had on them. Perhaps then they’d have been a little nicer.”
His dark eyes stared at us coldly. “You dumb fucks never caught on. I suggested Seokjin call a detective thinking it’d make the game more fun, but you were too stupid.
It was me who dropped the hint about the seven sins. If I hadn’t said the word ‘pride’ to that brat Jungkook, you would have never got it. I have to say though, I was pretty smart- don’t you agree?”
We said nothing. “Stabbing Hoseok was easy. Pretended to refill his drink then bam! Stabbed in the back. I spiked Jinri’s drink the moment she arrived, so the drug was in full effect by the time the lights went out again. And good call by the way”, he said to me. “It was Rohypnol. At least you got something right.”
“And when I thought you were onto me, I conveniently timed by own death, so I was out of the equation.”
“The lights. What have you done to them?”, Taehyung asked. As if that mattered right now.
“Ah Mr Kim, it’s rather easy to override the controls if you know what you’re doing”, Namjoon hummed. “Tonight took months of planning, so as you can see I’m over the moon. But enough chit-chat, I’m getting bored.”
“What are you going to do to us?”, I asked shakily.
He had been hunched over the table this whole time, and I shivered when he ominously stood to his full height, and cocked his head, smirking at us.
And then the lights went out.
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I KNEW IT WAS NAMJOON!!!! IT'S ALWAYS THE BUTLER!!!! I WAS TRYING TO TELL THE CHARACTERS THAT, BUT NO! I COULDN'T BECAUSE IT'S A STORY!! 😭😭😭😭 Good job on making this story though. If this was a horror movie, I'd most likely watch it!
I was right, it's always the buttler! 😆. Although, I got a bit suspicious when Tae kept disappearing
I KNEW IT!!!! I KNEW IT!!! I WAS SCREAMING AT MY PHONE LIKE CHECK THE BUTLER! but noooooooooo this was amazing I love the story sad that my husband yoongi died
@TaehyungV SAME BUT ITS LIKE A PART OF MY BRAIN KEEPS ON TELLING ME NO but since they said he was like not one of the rich people I kinda could tell he was the killer...BUT I REALLY LOVE THE STORY
WOW YOONGI I DIED WHEN HE DIED. This was a suspenseful story
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