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Track Title: [ 永遠都在 Irreplaceable ]

Unlike their usual style, this is an electric dance music track. It reminds me of their earlier day when they sang 'Super Star'. As you can see from the music video the song uses a lot of reference of time. Now, if you carefully examine the lyrics you would also notice it incorporated some of their popular title tracks as part of the lyrics. By the end of the music video we get to see flashes of their older self as well. Overall, I'm really satisfied with this release. Happy 15 years of debut, S.H.E! =)
@Mavis2478 Yeah, the music video is a bit flashy lol. The room also reminds me of a disco ball. Now that you mentioned it, I think the beat of the song does sound familiar. I just can't register what song yet...maybe something from American pop.
I liked the song! The song reminds me of another song but I don't know which one. And I totally did not expect those flashy lights.
I really liked the song! I thought the mv was really cool too!