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Yup Shut up the flower boy band
This is such an amazing drama and the ending was just beautiful
So I'm not going to spoil anything but I am show you the characters xD
This is Ji-hyuk aka Sung Joon he is super cute and yeah he's the male lead
This is Byung-hee aka Min ki well I don't have much to say without spoilers but he's hot xD
This is Hyunsoo aka L from Infinite yeah we inspirits know he's attractive and yeah he is great at acting too so psh
This is Do-Il aka Hyeon Jae he plays the drums in the band and his long hair is super hot yep
This is Ha-Jin aka Min-Kyu he's the bass and also a player but the bromance with him and Minseok is super cute
This is Kyung-Jong aka Minseok he's the keyboard and he's the cutest in the band in my opinion he would be the one known for aeygo xf
Bonus Gifs and yrs there are other characters but these are the main ones beside the female lead so yeah
@themuse thanks for the fact I never knew that :o but that just makes him ten times cooler
great drama. side note. you do know that Lee Hyun Jae was a real drummer in a band called Mate for some time. it was a 3 person band and then 2 went into service and when they returned Hyun Jae was already doing some jazz and modeling so he isn't in the band anymore... Unless that has changed since last I looked. anyway. I loved the music that band put out. it was great!
first of all, glad you joined the challenge! It's always fun to read what's inside the mind of k-drama watchers. Second, I remember watching the first episode of this drama but stopped because I was busy at the time. I did watch the male lead Sung Joon in other dramas though. I have to get back to this someday.