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old picture from 2008/2009
@vanlau I see, no wonder I couldn't recognise any of them xDD But srsly, I have these Outlines I have been dragging around for years... And I still haven't managed to colour them :( I'll post you the link :( To see you picked it up even though it was so old, I offer you my respect ;)
@PiuPiuPENGUIN :) all the other elves (except for Yaha from Drag on Dragoon) are from different story of mine (some totally original, and some based on my and a friends old Lineage 2 Mains ^_^) When the lines where finished, the coloration had to wait for nearly a year or so, but all in all i'd say 4 to 5 days - colo and lines ^^
okay I was trying to recognise any other elves besides legolas and haldir but then I realised I don't know any elves xDDD Awesome picture! how long did it take you to draw? This looks so amazing O_O man, you really have so much patience... for real.