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So there is a project that @xXBTSHobiXx created, and basically it's focused on helping Jungkook smile as well as helping him know how loved he is...

But there's one problem

she doesn't have enough entrees!

The rules are above, and basically you just try your best to look like Jungkook, and you don't have to do a pose he's done before... It ends August 31, 1:30am! (central time zone)
Here's my entree, for example ^^ It should only take 30 minutes, AT THE MOST. If you decide to participate in this project, send your picture to

jewendtl@hotmail.com OR xxhobixx (her tumblr)

Let's See You Out-Jungkook Me!!

And let's make Jungkook SMILE!

Have fun y'all! TBH I don't have the confidence to do it but I'm sure y'all will looks adorable AF :3
@4dalientae I'd never look that awesome plus I have no over sized plain white shirt or a beanie I'm barely getting any kpop stuff so I'm glad your having fun though it looks really awesome
ooh seems fun
@BiasKpop oh yeah and I had to flip my shirt inside out cause it had stuff all over the front of it lolol i just made do with what I had
@BiasKpop like i didn't have the shoes and barely the jeans so I didn't show my whole body lol
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