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another older picture. lines from 2009, colo from 2013. Had much fun with the background ^^ Medium: copic + white ink + pencil
@PiuPiuPENGUIN :) thank you very very much. Yes you're right, the girl has not the detailed coloration like the bg or the other picture i made :) I finsihed her colo much earlier than the background (forgot to right it into the discribtion) maybe i should have added a few more details, but i rarely change a finished picture ^^; (i'm too lazy for that i think >_<') But the background was reeeaaallly fun to draw, suprisingly i really enjoyed it :) (and i want to do it more often in future pictures :3 )
aw wow, I really love the background here again! Of course, the girl is very important, but I think for me the background really does it. IT is so detailed and nice :)) I love how you made such an amazing effort to draw all the stones, in the wall, on the roof and of course the pavement, wow! Also the colouring again ;) very nice! The only thing I see myself critisizing is the shadowing on the blue shirt isn't as strong as in the other parts of the picture (skin, skirt, tights, background), so it looks a bit off :) otherwise, really beautiful <3