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Guess What Day It Is... (Well for Me 😂)


I just really want to take the time and Thank all of my Followers (and my non but still like my stuff xD) for all of your love not just for the cards I make but for loving Anime! And to my Followers I would love to be given the opportunity to call you guys My Fairies❤ (For my Fairy Tail Followers) and for my All types of Anime followers I would love to be given the opportunity to let me call you guys My Otakus❤ (#Mine xD) I would really love that as Birthday Present from you guys xD (I mean If you you guys want me to hehe TuT)

(For those wondering those are all of my collections picture covers xD)

I really love you guys and thought why not tell you guys on My Birthday xD Again Thank You Guys for your support and hope you guys never stop because it just motivates me to do more not just for my love of Anime but yours as well❤

Tagging Nakama! (So Sorry If I miss you but I still love you too❤)

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I miissseeeddd iiiitttt. o.o I think this was around when my phone broke. I'm swyyyy. happy super late birthday!
a year ago¡Reply
@AtisutoMeru xD its the thought that counts but thank you very much
a year ago¡Reply
Happy birthday
9 months ago¡Reply
@Jclugz25 (Late reply xD but thank you😄)
7 months ago¡Reply