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Todays discussion will be 'Who do you ship?! -Good x Bad edition! For Me I choose Noragami as my anime. You guys can choose any anime and any ships!! No limits. Don't get me wrong Yato x Hiyori is an amazing ship, however today I ship.... Good: Yato & Bad: Nora Why?! Cause they look super kawaii together not to mention their childhood flashbacks. They have history and were super happy together. Something changed through out the years that made Nora the way she is... if she was still good I wonder then how things would've turned out. Hmmmm.... Anyways, what I would love for todays picnic discussion is to post down in comments the good x ship you choose. The anime they are from & why you ship them!! There is no right or wrong answers and to each their own opinions :) Can't wait to hear different animes and ship ideas.
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@Nyan I'll add yo蠀 褌o 屑y 褌agl喂褧褌 覔or 覔蠀褌蠀re card褧 馃槃
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@Boinx okay
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@Boinx gajeel use to be evil
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Alright I thought about it for a while and I'm still stumped hahahahaha
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I wanna be tagged too! plz?馃槃
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