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Ok hello everyone! Lets ignore the fact that I wasnt here last week....
Thank you @resavalencia for last weeks card!


I want to give some themes, but I seem to not have any idea at the moment.
But I know his cuteness and talent could make a much better card that what I could ever make out of. Like you can never have to much love from him


Lets get in shall we?

his sexy hello~♥

Im a sucker for people who wear black ♥o♥

and tanktops...LOOK AT THAT ARM!

first tanktops, now button up shirts?! God must've took his time creating this one

My wittle smol bean acting like a frog xD ♥

AWWW my wittle smol bean sleeping! or just closing his eyes idk I mean maybe he could be sleeping OrHe'sJustDoingItForThePictureYouNeverKnow....


Ok ok this may be a Astro vine but I couldnt find any rocky vines, but its always better to finish it with friends right?

Did yall had enough?

(so cute!)

This is probably you by now... Been blown away but his majesticness...Sanha you ok? 😅😅

I know majesticness is not a word JustGoWithIt
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Did he go back to brown hair? I really like him with the honey brown hair.
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im sanha when i wake up xD
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You are back!!!!
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yea! but I cant communicate sadly :( I dropped my phone about two weeks ago and it wont turn on! I completely lost everything that was in that phone :'( @lovetop
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@lovetop not yet :(
a year ago