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Chapter 1 :
Chapter 2:
~Jackson POV~
I thought mark had left with the others?! Ugh hope it won't be awkward now. Oh! Now I can ask why he has those pink bags. I'm still confused, why does he has those undergarments but I hope he doesn't try to change the subject, it annoys me when he does. I hate how he has to hide something from me, I thought we were close enough to tell each other anything but I don't know . That's why tonight I'm gonna confront him straightforward. But first let me change in some comfy clothing and get some food. Since I'm too lazy I'm gonna heat up some instant kimichi flavor soup. Yea that sounds good right now. ( He smiles to himself from the thought of food cause why not he is starving)
~Mark's POV~
The smell of ramen fills my nostrils and awakens my empty stomach. I follow the scent and peek from the corner of the kitchen door. Finding the bowl of ramen my stomach growled once again. Okay I'll just take a bite of Jackson's ramen before he see's me. I tiptoed to the ramen, the smell engulfing me and making my mouth water.
(back to narrators )
With some chop sticks he took a good amount of ramen and puts it all in his mouth. Quickly trying to hurry before being caught. He had half of the ramen in his mouth when he heard Jackson's voice. " I knew you would be hungry" he says leaning on the side of the kitchen's door with a smirk on his face. Mark turns to Jackson with a shocked expression with ramen hanging from his mouth ,he quickly slurps the remaining ramen and looks down. " I'm sorry I was just tasting!" he quickly says.
'Nah it's alright that was for you anyways, how bout we eat on the table?" Jackson suggests.
~Mark's POV~
Time tick and I'm almost done eating yet Jackson just sits there watching. I put another pile of ramen in my mouth when Jackson starts to speak.
"Are you gonna tell me why you have pink bags you bring all the time?"
I coughed out the noodles I almost chocked on and looked at Jackson.
"What?" I ask making sure I heard right.
"Are you gonna tell me why you bring pink bags all the time?"
~And back to narrators POV~
Mark pushed his soup away from getting up "I'm not hungry anymore" and starts to walk away but is stopped when Jackson grabs him by the wrist.
"I'm not gonna tell you! he yells while snatching his wrist away from Jackson's grip. Jackson had no choice but to push him to the wall, he was fed up of mark trying to hide.
"You know what?! It fucking hurts to know that your hiding something from me and I thought we were really close to the point we can tell each other anything but you can't even tell me?" Mark turns his head away from Jackson's face feeling guilt running in his veins. "Jackson I'm sorry but I can't tell you" mark says quietly. Jackson looks at him and lets him go, taking a step back and looks at mark in the eyes and leaves.
Mark felt his heart break. The look on Jackson's face was heart breaking. His eyes held betrayal, sadness and more, it was a sight mark never would want to see again.
Okay I'm sorry if there's some errors and left ya'll in tears cause of the feels!!!! Hope you enjoyed it overall.
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