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So we're finally at the end of our introduction of UNIQ! If you missed any of the members please just click their name below to see the card on them. Sungjoo Yixuan Wenhan Seungyeon Basic Facts: Full Name- Wang Yibo Birthdate- August 5, 1997 Birthplace- Luoyang, China Position- Main Dancer, Visual, Maknae, Rapper

A Few Fun Facts

Dream: To become an well-rounded talented artist
Although the youngest member of the group, Yibo is one of their most talkative members.
He is also incredibly skilled in various forms of dance.
Check out Yibo videos here. The third one is a shocker so make sure you're prepared.
There's Yibo for you guys! Is he your bias? Not going lie, he is a bias wrecker lol It was so fun introducing UNIQ to you guys. Until next time!!! Tagging you guys: @SindyHernandez @AlittleJoy @StefaniTre @Mercedesbenz98 @mycreativename @ElenaP16 @MadAndrea @MelissaGarza @xoxorittie @ElishaFisher @amberg171997
he's so effing distracting... he's my bias wrecker. ruuude. but I love this little butt.
Yibo is definitely a bias wrecker. 😍