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(If you can't relate to anything else in this card, you can relate to this cat.) If you're a fan of anime and the blackhole that is Youtube, you may or may not be acquainted with the term AMV (a.k.a. Anime Music Video). If you aren't, basically it's a fan-made video of a bunch of different clips from one or more anime set to awesome music. With the right clips and music choice, an AMV can become a masterpiece. Here are my top five favorite AMVs that I believe are truly amazing. WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead. Ye've been warned.
Attack on Titan and this song's intensity are perfectly matched. If it didn't give you chills, you're lying.
You know it's a good one when the actions in the Yona of the Dawn clips are matched to the beat of the song. Perfection. (P.S. Hak and Yona all the way.)
Fairy Tail makes me laugh, but this song really brings the heat. Heh. Natsu joke. I'll just leave now.
Ah, Seven Deadly Sins. I'm glad Netflix suggested it to me. I love it. And this song.
I can't forget Naruto. Indestructible by Disturbed is a great song for Madara Uchiha. FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT.
Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed these awesome videos! What're your favorite AMVs?