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Sorry for not writing this for the past two weeks! I am back with the winner of last time Flower 2 won with 5 votes So who was behind flower 2 ^-^
" Seriously Oppa why are you always late for our dates?" I huffed through clenched teeth so not scream as my hand found it's way to the bridge of my nose. " I'm sorry baby you know how the others are if it isn't one thing with them it's another." He sighed desperately trying to find a way to make it up to me. I had to admit seeing this side of him was adorable, and never got old since he always had to act a certain way around everyone else. " You know I hate showing up late." He sighed taking my hand into his while slowly bringing it towards his slightly open mouth as his lips lightly pressed against the back on my hand as a smirk formed upon his lips. " You looks adorable when you blush baby." He chuckled softly earning himself a playful shove from me as i quickly tried to hide my now scarlet face. " Oppa!" I all but screamed as he pulled me against his chest resting his chin upon my shoulder. " Oh how i have missed you." He purred near my ear causing me to forget what I was even mad about to begin with. " You play dirty Oppa." I huffed finally caving into his quirks as he chuckled knowing he had won like he always tended to. " Don't act like you don't love me being dirty." He winked as my face flushed even more not believing what he just said, and in public no less! " Seungyoon!" I panicked quickly looking around to make sure no one heard him, heaven forbid a fan of his heard him. " You can't say things like that here!" I said still looking around until his hand quickly went under my chin forcing me to look towards him. " Then let's go to your place." He smiled as if he were talking about something as easy as meeting up for a coffee. " You can't be serious. Don't answer that I have been with you long enough to know you are completely serious." I sighed as he pulled out his secret weapon.
" Oppa why?!" I sighed standing up unable to tell him no once he pulled that face, and he knew it as he instantly smiled jumping up to follow. " You don't play fair at all Oppa." I sighed as his quickly wrapped his arms around my waist kissing the back of my neck. " All if fair in love and war my love." He chuckled pulling the keys from my pocket before taking off to open my now visible apartment.
Just as quickly as I closed the door I felt arms pulling me closer as his lips searched for my own. " I have missed you more than words could explain my love." He purred as he slowly kissed his way to my lips. " I am still mad at you pabo." I smirked trying to resit, but failing as his hands tangled deeply into my hair just as he kissed my sweet spot on my neck. " Whatever you say baby." He chuckled just as his lips came into contact with my own taking my breath away as our hands quickly explored each other. " I love you baby." He smiled breaking away from our kiss looking down towards me as if i held all the secrets of the world in my eyes. " I must of done something right to end up with such a perfect girl like you." He gushed tucking a falling piece of hair behind my ear. " Pabo stop it." I blushed hiding my face in his chest only earning a laugh before he forced me to look into his eyes. " I mean every word I say though you are the best thing to ever happen to me Y/n." Without looking away he smiled brightly placing his forehead against mine. " I love you Y/n Forever and always."
And there we have it sorry if it is kinda sucky it is the first thing I have written in a few weeks! I will post the voting card later when I have more time
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