This is a suga fanfic~ whoo hoo! I hope you guys enjoy^^ (The whole story will be in Suga's perspective)
Painting her room... Painting again... She told herself that whenever she painted her room, it'll be a new start... Well, it used to be. Now I think it doesn't mean anything to her at all. Nothing felt new at all. I watched her as she painted her room, splatting paint all over. "Are you painting your room again? What happened now?" I asked with an attitude. It was my trademark. "Nothing..." I did that thing where if I don't get the answer I want, I tilt my head and give that look. "What. Is. It?" She paused before she talked, "I broke up with... You know.... Him." I just stared at her. I whispered, "Shit. I knew it." And after a few minutes, I asked, "why?" She dropped the roller and started to cry. It hurt, as I just watched her helplessly cry. There was nothing that she could do about it. "He... He... was cheating on me." I went to her and lifted her chin up. "Hey, don't cry. You'll definetly find a better guy. He doesn't deserve you. Look at me! Look at how perfect I am. You gotta find a guy like this." I tried to brighten up the mood. I guess it worked. She started to giggle, and looked at me. "Thanks. You always find a way to make me smile." My heart almost stopped when she looked at me like that. Her eyes took me in to her dreamy look. I felt hypnotized. I snapped out and asked, "You want me to help?" She answered with a cute nod. Me and y/n go way back. I remember clearly. We met in middle school. I was a new student from Daegu, and y/n helped me adjust to the 'Seoul life.' She was probably the prettiest girls in the classroom. Everyone liked her. I was luckily assigned a seat next to her. We became best friends, and I was always next to her for.. Mostly everything. Graduating middle school, going to her dad's funeral, going in to high school and graduating together, graduating college, we even have the same job. THE SAME SCHEDULE. It's like we'll never be able to break apart. And in those years, I always liked her. It's just she never saw me as a 'man.' I really don't know how she feels for me.. But... She probably doesn't like me. I just watch her date other guys, and I'm always giving her tips on what guys like. Well, it's more like I'm telling her what I like. Yeah, it's sad, but I got used to it already. It's been 13 years now... >>>>>>>>> Present time <<<<<<<<< As I watched her paint, she was wearing a cute pink sweater with overalls on top. She braided her hair into two, and she had paint on her face. She might be a little different type from what people think I would like... But, she's perfect. Her eyes sparkled, even when she was sad, and y/n's hair was pretty long. Her braids were messy, but that gave it a cute and casual look. Everything about her is so cute. Even when she has no makeup. Her secret, is that she has a mole on her ear (which people don't really recognize) and y/n hates that. But I think that's the cutest thing in the world. I have temptations to nibble her ear. As she painted her room, she was back to her emotional break up mode. First, she starts painting like crazy, then she cries, after that she turns on music and starts dancing like she's going to die tomorrow. Then she starts apologizing to... I don't even know who she's apologizing to. It's cute... But sometimes it gets a little too much. When we finished painting, she asked if I could spend the night there. I had no reason to refuse. Because of all the paint, she slept on the sofa and I slept on the ground. It was 3:00 am, and I couldn't go to sleep. I hear her mumbling, and a drop of tear falls on my face. I got up and looked at her, she was mouthing, 'Jin.. I love you..' And she was crying. My heart felt like it was ripping apart. I would never be able to forgive him. I wiped her tears and whispered, "It's okay.. I'm right here... The one who truly loves you.." Her eyes opened.
I hoped you guys liked the 1st part! I don't know how long this will be, but I hope you guys will like it!
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