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@ShinigamiSan I kinda like how they did it, but they got bubbles character wrong where she's the cute shy type and blossom the popular one mixed in with the personality of the character they made her. The one they got right was Buttercup
@NicoNicoNii I was actually thinking Buttercup would be dressed alot more boyish AND goth. Since in the show, Buttercup is a TOTAL tomboy.
@NicoNicoNii Although, I could be wrong. *shrug*
@ShinigamiSan I'm OK with any tomboy look they give her bc she is a tomboy girl. But if ever she became a girly girl I will be pissed..... Now that's OK for a comedy but for a show nope
@NicoNicoNii Hm, I agree.