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FT Island vocalist HongKi has been hospitalised due to exhaustion after a grueling few weeks of promotions and rehearsals.
In addition to his schedule with FT Island, HongKi has also been rehearsing for his upcoming musical, both of which have undoubtedly resulted in his fatigue. FNC Entertainment released a statement detailing what the situation was:
“Lee HongKi has sung live throughout all their performances in the past three weeks. With the addition of his musical rehearsals at the same time, it appears that he is suffering from accumulated fatigue.”
FT Island released their latest album "Where's The Truth" last month and have been on a demanding schedule ever since, so much so that the band only wrapped up their final fan meeting for this promotional round just two days ago.
It looks like HongKi is on the mend though as he recently posted up a new photo to his Instagram, along with the caption “Good work during the three weeks of our promotions. I’m going to disappear for a little bit. Don’t come looking for me. I’ll get mad.”
Get well soon, HongKi, and return when you're good and ready!
Source: Star
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Awwww i hope he recovers soon!!! 😢