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Jiyoung Thirsty Thursdays ft.Jb

well someone was looking at someone's lips
Hey jb whatcha doin there with some tape huh? Save the kinkiness when you get home will you?
shake that booty!!!!!
Jb saying jr is his only lol or holding jr so he can't kill Jackson
I CAN'T WITH HIM!!!!! Yugyeom liking it too!!
Jr must have a kinky side of him!! I could feel it!
IGOT7 Team :
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Im squealing and screaming. I cant even right now. Junior u kinky son of a gun.......
Got7 obsessing over Jr's butt since for ever, lol he brings out the kinky in them all,
true that lol
Junior is tied as my UB with JB ❤ from GOT7
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