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Our Happily Ever After is finally here !!!!

Well my lovely Vingle family guess what ?!?! @quietone and I are engaged !! (here's a quick recap ... we've been together for a little over a year now and he came to visit (our perfect week ) and then he had to leave which was hard on both of us but now 3 months later he came back to stay !!! which brings us to now )) ok so August 1st is super special to us for a reason only known to us , and we had been talking about when he would "pop the question" he went to great lengths to try to keep me in the dark about it and had even gotten approval from my family
so we had agreed to go on a "beach date" and he was dead set on going to the pier that we had went to the last time he was here . So I agreed and kept getting excited , (I really had no idea why) so on August 1st we had made our way out to the pier
and as we were walking up to the pier he had started talking about how he couldn't see life without me then as we got to the place where we had carved our initials he had me search for it then he called me by my nickname "hey Vanny ?" " will you be my wife ?" I gasp and nod as I start to cry and hug him with a kiss , " oh my gosh Yes !! "
here are some screenshots of the video that was taken by my Bff Hannah
first like yesssss
Congratulations! You two are a beautiful couple! 💜
congrats Lady ! 🍻
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