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EXO with helium!
I just stumbled onto this and died laughing....Kyungsoo was so cute getting angry then being serious but at the end saying thank you and laughing Oh man I love it!!
I see PANDA!!!!! okay and yes exo I see them too lol they were funny even as Kris couldn't change his voice in the beginning
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This was funny as I had nothing to do I come here and see this, thank you for making me laugh.
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How cute...I hadn't seen this clip before.
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could not stop laughing 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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@SweetDuella yes panda lol @JohannaTlatench Yea no problem it was a funny find. @JaxomB same here I just randomly found it and was like hmmm click. lol @lilbr0wneyes same nursing with helium gets me
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