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THE FACT THAT XERO Of TOPP DOGG AND GD OF BIGBANG ARE IN ONE PHOTO TOGETHER *dies* Okay so the moment I found out about topp dogg i wanted to know more about them so i went on youtube and started watching their ongoing show 'all kill' and xero was the one who had gotten my attention for two main reason. ^_^
the first reason was because when topp dogg had to play a game challenge where you guess the group and/or song name. if you guess the correct answer you got to choice one food ingredients; for each correct answer you got to pick another food ingredients that you'd be able to add to the food you had to make. the topp dogg member were split into team, the tall team and the short team. (I know what your thinking xD lol yes tall vs short xD) anyways what caught my eye about him was how he legit just went over to the table were they had all the food supplys and just stole one of the main ingredient for his team dish. (I think it was cheese or something) nobody notice either until later. (I think he did it twice too ) also when everyone had to making a their food for a challenge with the ingredients that they picked xero would sneak over to their tabke and take some of their ingredients he need for his dish. (legit he slick AF ) so that when i gave him the nickname THE THIEF, Ever since me and my sister would call him by that name since we didn't remember each member name that well yet also he cute af xD and a rapper and dancer.
now as for the second reason it amazed me how xero resembles GD so much, they literally look like siblings. honestly you don't think they don't look alot like like for serious. so I notice because of this how so many of my bias my top bias have many similarities with GD either the look the way of they talk or sound like him in some part of their song... (like B.I when I first heard a ikon song rythum ta I hadn't seen nor actually know about them at all, so I had no idea who was who and how they looked. I fell for B.I voice when he said "Ayye" and talked in the intro of the song rythum ta because he sound similar to GD.) also even the zodiac sign can be the same one as GD that I ended up like them. their always something about some of my bias that remind me of GD but it surprising one other bias of mine have nothing in common with GD lol anyways CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIZZ this card was longer then expected I just wanted to explain how xero and jiyong look alike and how my bias resembles my UB... but hey maybe now you can check to see if all your bias have something in common with your UB (Note that GD has been my UB since the very moment I got into kpop lol no can take his spot)
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I feel the same way with Jinun of 2PM resembles my UB Leeteuk! As well as Kim Sungkyu resembles my first bias Henry Lau!
i completely understand. Sungmin was my first bias. G dragon is probably my UB if I'm being for real. And exo's Xiumin looks like their child
Xero does really resembles GD. I just got into Topp Dogg this year. I just love them ūüėć
@MelissaGarza I have heard their songs before but I just started getting to know them this year too