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Got the SERAPH OF THE END: GUREN ICHINOSE CATASTROPHE AT SIXTEEN, ACCELL WORLD, SWORD ART ONLINE (Progressive), RE: ZERO (Starting life in another world)- Light Novels!! And got ORANGE THE COMPLETE COLLECTION 1&2 which includes volumes 1-5 completed manga!! Reading Orange which is amazing and heart wrenching and so many feels so far but the manga is simply amazing and love that I can read the manga ahead of the anime!! Also reading the Seraph of the End light novels and done with the first 3 books and onto the final book and am about halfway done and have to say they are also amazing, actually ended up reading 450 pages last week just getting so drawn into the seraph light novel haha!! Anyways super stoked to read these light novels since it's a change of pace from manga but I literally love them all!! But I don't love that my book shelf is like 150% over full haha!! Anime is Life!! Manga 4 Ever!! Love your yourself, Love your Life!!