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Combined Gordon Ramsay's steak, Jamie Oliver's Quinoa Rice, and my Greek Salad... Turned out to be an amazing Weekend lunch menu. First, Quinoa Rice 1) I used a Korean slow stone rice cooker but a regular pot will do. 1/2 of quinoa rice, 1 cup of water, pinch of salt, added some walnuts and black beans. Cut half a lemon and boil. (10~12min) Salad Half cherry tomatoes, slice cucumbers, red onions, fresh black olives, salt,pepper, mixed herbs, 1/2 teaspoon of olive juice, squeeze half lemon juice. Finally add fresh parm cheese or even better, feta cheese. Steak 1) Cleaned, salt & pepper, let it sit about 10min. 2) Oil in pan, when oil begins to smoke, turn down heat to med and place the steak (1~2min) 3) Turn over steak add butter, rosemary, & crushed garlic (1~2min) Eating tip~ eat the steak with bits of garlic, rosemary, fresh basil and Dijon wholegrain mustard. Thanks again for uploading great cooking videos everyone.
@roselee89 watch Gordon Ramsay's steak video~ cook one side on mid~high flip over add butter, garlic & rosemary then. Don't flip it over again but pour the melted butter in pan on top of steak.
@minjaeturtles haha~ no I'm not in the food industry. Just have more time to cook theses days and always wanted to learn :) & the korean stone cooker is my bit to fusionize~ :)
@oj1992 Yeah, following the instuctions are not that hard, it's finding the right ingredients that's what's tough somtimes~
@PaulLim Such an inspiration to start cooking. Was it difficult to make the whole dish? I found it very hard to keep the meat moist but soft. Any tips?
@oj1992 I dunno about but really, @PaulLim are you a chef or somehow related to the food industry?? btw I love the fact that you used the Korean stone pot for cooking the quinoa haha
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