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If I can add on to what I wrote yesterday about what makes a good drama, I would say music is another important factor. The background music for specific scenes and ending theme song is quite important. It should leave me in a cliffhanger wanting to see more. To be honest, one of the reason why I watch dramas is to discover new songs. I don't really follow up with the latest release or debut, so drama is one way to introduce new aspiring artist to my playlist. Plus, most original soundtracks are amazing. With that said, it's really difficult to pick my favorite drama OST but after carefully consider there is one drama that kept me hooked with their OST.

Down with Love OST

Every song from this drama is on point. It's upbeat, fun and very lively. The vocalist for emotional song Gift always has a very touching voice. In general, I love the mix of piano, guitar, bass and the beat of the drama.
1. SHE - In Love With You (ending theme song)
2. Jerry Yan - Just Want To Depend On You (opening theme song) 3. Jeno Liu - Gift (insert song) 4. Jeno Liu - Adore You (insert song) 5. New Yorker Band - Makes You Happy (insert song)