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Sehun is salty over losing to EXO-Ls 😂😂😂

Seriously I can not with this kid 😂😂😂 First he mocks us for not playing well and then when we step up our game he scolds us for always playing it?!?!?!
This was his first post...
Instagram trans: I did full upgrade but... EXOLs are so good
A few days later...
Instagram trans: EXOLs are so bad 😇
A week later...
Instagram trans: EXOL What is this. Do you always play this game? Why are you doing this?
Uhmm...excuse me Sehun YOU stayed up till 4 am playing the game...who are you judging????

What about you guys??? Anyone else playing EXO RUN???

I'm currently stuck in the cursed Xiumin level *sighs* YOU'RE MY BIAS!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!

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i am stuck xiumins levels because i want to get all the stars before moving on but i used so many hearts trying to do 12 perfect swings how can i get past that😭😭😭
@tinafalcon22 the struggle.
I can't do the perfect swings....I'm stuck on Xiumin's level too.
I'm stuck on xiumin levels ugh!
@tinafalcon22 omg i do the same thing. Im also stuck on Xiumin. Its so hard to get those perfect swings and i donr want to waste diamonds on more hearts
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