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Seriously I can not with this kid 馃槀馃槀馃槀 First he mocks us for not playing well and then when we step up our game he scolds us for always playing it?!?!?!
This was his first post...
Instagram trans: I did full upgrade but... EXOLs are so good
A few days later...
Instagram trans: EXOLs are so bad 馃槆
A week later...
Instagram trans: EXOL What is this. Do you always play this game? Why are you doing this?
Uhmm...excuse me Sehun YOU stayed up till 4 am playing the game...who are you judging????

What about you guys??? Anyone else playing EXO RUN???

I'm currently stuck in the cursed Xiumin level *sighs* YOU'RE MY BIAS!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!

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@MaelstromVIP I was at first focusing on the coins but then i just started focusing on survival i jyst past it by luck
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@tinafalcon22 makes sense. I literally just pasted it 5 minutes ago. and I nearly cried because I wasted over 40 hearts on that level. cuz sometimes there's free gifts like 20 free hearts or 50 free gems. stuff like that.
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@MaelstromVIP i have wasted alot of hearts for the 12 perfect swings but i still didnt pass it yet
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@tinafalcon22 the struggle.
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Says Mr. Salt who was up at 4 am trying to get into the listing. Sehunnie stop being jelly we know your schedule is packed when would you have time to play it really. You aren't the only one in the listing neither am I.
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