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Recently, I just let go of someone who I truly loved. I know we all have been through some sort of heartache in our life; sometimes you continue to wonder how and why are you still there... continuing to let yourself hurt more and more each day. These situations are very important to speak about. The heart is important in general. It's not giving up - it's letting go and letting life. Whatever is meant to be will happen , whatever isn't.. no matter how hard you try will never be. I wrote this for someone, because my words just couldn't get to them, so I tried using a poem instead. Let go guys , let go. No matter the situation or who they are. If it's hurting you to hold on , even though it may hurt when you let go.. still, let go. Let Life. ------------------------------- As I look at my grass The other side looks greener As I take a whiff of my air The other side seems cleaner As I put my feet in my soil The other side appears better As I sat on the porch My eyes began to get wetter My grass is dead And so is my heart Their grass looks alive And their soul , never torn apart As I get closer To seeing the truth If my grass gets a little more water It could be beautiful too Just because it looks greener Doesn't mean it is For even though they broke you down now Later on they will need a hug and a kiss                                                   
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I just said 💀 and my bio does
so you are a lesbian girl I see ?
omg that was a pretty new society , two girls omg , thank you for your cooperation
huh ? lol uhm no problem I think ??..
so you have no relationships with men , you hate men , don't you ??!