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ACEO # 147 A picture of him because my scanner sucks x'D Feel free to leave a comment :) Withy @Manakeks hope u like it too
leider auch ein Anime den ich nicht kenne ^^° aber ich finde die Pose, mit dem Drachen, der sich um ihn schlängelt verdammt cool! super karte!
I like the color of Hitsugaya and he is one of my favorite bleach charas, but i think his hand in front is too smal? (sry for my bad english -.-)
oh i love this card and i love your art <3 he is so cute *-* and i like the colours ^^ (sorry for my bad english q///q)
OMG Whity this Picture is soooo awesome *-* I love the coloration so much <3 I don´t see anything thats not perfect *///* (sry for my bad englisch :D)
I really like that picture, because i'm a huuuge fan from (to)Shiro! I love the coloration of it and how you drew him! Hyorinmaru looks super cool too...! *^* ♥ Hes the best ever! ♥
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