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Confess: Do You Retouch Your Pictures?

Last night my guy friends were talking about the times they've met girls from the Internet in real life and how much different they looked. Then they took a group selfie and buried their actual faces under a dozen different photo filters.

Do you guys alter your pics too? Do you think altering them is okay or misleading? How many people do you think currently do it?

I'll confess that I will use one (ONE! JUST ONE!) photo filter when I take a picture because I have dark eye circles, and I like the way it brightens my skin.
i dont filter. i just take them from a far. flaws are minimized when they are taken from a far😁
That's definitely a point!
people are fake even in real life nowadays.
This is true lol. Might as well match your fake face with your fake attitude! ;)
@danidee that is exactly what I was thinking about
No. I could never get into the filter fad so I actually look like my picture...😑
@danidee No, the only way I alter them is if the picture is too dark and I have to make it brighter in order to see the people. Or I add little cartoon characters on the picture or words
I don't alter them.
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