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BLACKPINK's Jennie and Roseé both speak English fluently thanks to going to school in New Zealand and Australia.

What I wasn't ready for though was their accents!

I'm really really loving their music and can't wait to see more from them!

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I have never squealed over their cuteness until I heard their English
a year ago·Reply
Korean women with Australian accents are sooooo sexy
a year ago·Reply
literally died ....I'm a sucker for Australian accents and the fact that my main bias in the group ( even though I technically bias them all 😂) have the cutest accents ever killed my soul!
a year ago·Reply
omg english and austrailian/newzealand accents wowww...first girl group im biasing since my only girl group i follow(ladies code)
a year ago·Reply
they sound like Christian Yu aka Rome from C-Clown!!! AWWWW I LOVE THEM MORE NOW!!! aaaaaahhhhhh one day I will see them!
a year ago·Reply