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This is a special card wishing the most awesome birthday yet to @AimeBolanos !!! I wish you the best along with the anime community!!! Thanks for being a part of our great anime community!!

Don't forget to wish @AimeBolanos a happy birthday!!!!

(((Sorry for not doing a birthday card in a while I've been so busy at work)))
Happy Birthday
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@TylerCinamella Thank you
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@AimeBolanos HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Thanks for being involved in the Vingle anime community!!!
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@AimeBolanos Happy Birthday mission objective: Complete 1 anime series today Should you choose to accept this mission your reward shall be another group of fictional people to fall in love with
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Oh my gosh I forgot to tell you happy birthday😩😩!! Happy Belated birthday @AimeBolanos !! better late than never😅
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