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I do this to myself
I told myself I wouldn't watch this until every episode came out because I knew I would love it. I mean come on Lee Jong Suk!!!
So much for that idea, thanks to Viki I kept seeing posts on instagram so yeah I started it and ugh I'm dying for the next episode!!! Why do I torture myself :( :( :(...
If you haven't checked this out do, you'll love it. It's really good
love this drama!
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I've been dying to watch it but I want to wait until all of the episodes are out too but I have a strong feeling that isn't going to happen. I love him too much.
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@SaraHanna warning he is super amazing in this one!!
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I need to start watching too. ☺
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His always amazing. I've been torturing myself with the trailers. @merryjayne13
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