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It feels like it's been years since I last posted. I have always wanted to post a card but I tend to procrastinate lol. So here ya go!

1. How long have you been a fan of BANGTAN?

I've been a fan since May 2014. I remember that because Just One Day was the first M/V that I saw of them after it was released and became a fan ^_^

2. Who was your first bias?

My first bias was Kim Taehyung. His deep voice attracted me so bad. I fell in love with this man.

3. Who is your bias now?

My only hope, J-Hope!

4. Member who you think ruins your bias list?

I would say that it's Min Yoongi. Lately he's been giving me some type of feels.

5. How long did it take you to learn their names?

You probably wouldn't believe me but after reciting their names about 3 times while glancing at their faces, I would say about a minute? Yup.

6. Have you seen all their VLOGS?

To be honest, I haven't watched their VLOGS. I don't know why, I've tried to get myself to watch it but I just can't for some reason....

7. Have you seen all their BOMBS?

Compared to the previous question, I have watched all of the Bombs. They're so adorable and cute ^_^

8. Purchased any merch?

Not official merch, but I did buy a phone case, a hoodie and a J-Hope fan made pillow! I had to beg my mom to get them haha ^_^

9. Favorite pre-debut song?

I love the song Adult Child. I really love these boys and hope they would sing together again ^_^

10. Favorite song from the 2 COOL 4 SKOOL album?

It has to be No More Dream! No doubt on that!

11. Member who you think you share most in common with?

I honestly have never thought about this. And I think I will need to think very hard about this and watch EVERYTHING all over again lol.

12. Member who seems the most brotherly?

To me, Namjoon seems brotherly. I would love to have him as a brother!

13. Member with a potential acting career?

Well, we all know Taehyung is going to debut as an actor soon but I feel like Jimin has potential. He says he doesn't have an acting voice? Does it even matter to be honest? They all act gorgeously but I think Jimin would be great!! Although, Jin would serve in this category as he did major in acting, but I think Jimin would be great!

14. Favorite stage outfit?

I LOVE their No More Dream outfit! They looked so badass and just amazing!!


As you know by now, hands down it's No More Dream haha
@kiryualo Go ahead! ^_^
im making my own so im going to screen shot the fist one