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Meet My Boyfriend

In this card I will finally reveal to you all my boyfriend and the many pictures I took of him.

Aaah, so nervous!!

You ready??? Because I'm not.

But just kidding, this card is demonstrating what a great boyfriend Shownu would be in your eyes by pictures.
Your boyfriend Shownu and you go to a carnival and he wins you a huge stuffed animal. He hangs it around his neck while you guys continue to walk around admiring the night sky and the many things around you. You suddenly turn to him and realized what an amazing boyfriend you have, so you snap this memory in your phone.
You haven't been able to see Shownu for about 2 weeks now because his tight preparing for comeback schedule doesn't give him much time, so you decide to surprise him during his music video shooting. You secretly call his manager to see if it's ok for you to go over and bring all of them food. As soon as he gives you the ok, you ask him to please leave it a secret because you want to surprise everyone. When you get there everyone is so shocked to see you, especially Shownu. You ask him to take you back to your car because you were leaving. As you two walked you couldn't keep your eyes off him and didn't know when you would see him again, so you snap a picture and admire his handsomeness.
When Shownu see's something that you would like he sends you a picture and he always keeps you updated on the daily. So, damn right he sent you a picture of an adorable dog named Sugar. Joking around that he has replaced you with Sugar to make you a bit jealous.
You can't resist seeing your boyfriend as a bartender/ waiter, so when you see this once in a lifetime opportunity of course you have to snap this moment into your phone.
As you both go shopping at night Shownu gets a bit tired so he tells you that he will be waiting for you outside while you pay. When you walk out you notice how blessed you are to have such a perfect and amazing boyfriend. As he is staring into the distance you take advantage of that to take a picture.
On your work out dates, you occasionally stare off admiring your boyfriend's well defined muscles as he lifts weights. You tell yourself, "Just one picture!" When you quickly pull out your phone to take a quick picture he catches you. lol
Out of the blue, you both decide to draw each other during a friend get together. Don't ask me why, you guys are just dorks and spontaneous like that. As you look up and see his progress, you both start to laugh. Perfect picture memory!
This picture you took thinking back of what you did to deserve such an amazing boyfriend while you guys went out for some coffee early in the morning before you both headed off to work. Giving each other motivation on the many struggles in your life. Letting each other know that even when things get hard to always stay positive of the many blessings in life. Including, having each other~ ♡

I'm sorry for these horrible stories! lol I promise I won't do it again! :)) I just saw these pictures and thought they would be better with a little story behind the picture~

it's cute😆
@MonAnnahiX You're welcome!😂😄
@MelissaGarza @LysetteMartinez Thank you so much~ ^^
@CheyenneJessee Gaaah, SAME!!! Let me cry with you!! 😣
I love this card lol love Shownu!!😍😍
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