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Suga's mix tape post poned?
HELLO INFIRES NATION This just in according to the article above Yoongi has been feeling a lot of pressure since he released news about his upcoming Mix Tape, he is happy about the response the fans are giving him but originally he wanted to surprise A.R.M.Y but instead released news about his mix tape, and he said that 'I will continue to do my best ad make my music even better' (not word for word)
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I've been very excited about his mixtape but I try not to be too overly excited, I don't want him to be pressured and I'm still not ready so is all good, Yoongi take your time😊
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and when I mean "Pull a Beyoncé " I really mean he will drop the mixtape at anytime any date and we will not prepare for it
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maybe he's perfecting it until he might pull a Beyoncé on the fans
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Aww Sugabear, we will be support you no matter what!! Fighting!!
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FIGHTING SUGA! oh my he wanted to surprise us A.R.M.Y AWEEEE HE SO CUTE!
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