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Time for Chapter 16! Thank you to those reading, liking, commenting, and/or following my story. I will try to not disappoint. This a little bit of a treat I guess, depending on how you look at it. The first part is not really my forte so I apologize if it's at all awkward.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 15
Word Count: 3624 (hehehe)
Warning: May contain mild language. Beginning gets a bit PG-13, but it doesn't do too much so I'm not putting a warning in the story. Sorry not sorry. Have fun ;)
Rose POV
The day dragged on. Even though I had finally gotten past the whole almost-kiss incident, I still had trouble working on my story. Eventually, I got bored of sitting and just looking at my computer and decided to watch TV downstairs. There was one in my study, but I didn’t want to worry about waking him. I went to the second living room on the other side of the kitchen. Usually, I watched TV in the main living room, but I was worried that the noise would wake Yoongi up.
Several hours later, I felt my stomach growl and looked at the clock. I shot up off the couch. {Holy crap, how is this the time? Earlier, the clock wouldn’t move. Now, I can’t believe it’s already dinner time. I hadn’t eaten all day. Should I wake Yoongi up? I know he needs his sleep, but he’s been sleeping for almost ten hours and he also needs food. Maybe I’ll make dinner first, then decide what to do with him}. Just as I decided this, Yoongi appeared in the kitchen. He was scratching his chest—his bare chest.
“Umm...Yoongi? Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” I was blushing. {It’s like he’s doing this on purpose}. He had a weird look on his face as he started to walk over.
“I was too hot.” He stopped a few steps away from me.
“O-oh, sorry. Maybe the air conditioner is broken—let me check.” I quickly skipped up the stairs. Yoongi closely followed behind me. Really closely. I got to the room and stepped inside. It felt cool to me. “Yoongi—“ I turned around to find Yoongi standing just a step away. “I-It feels cool to me.”
“I didn’t say the room was hot...I said I was hot.” He quickly closed the space between us and I instinctively took a step back.
“Y-Y-Yoongi. Wh-what are you doing?” He took another step and I followed the same pattern. His pupils were dilated and he had a look on his face that I had never seen on him before. My back met the wall and Yoongi stopped with his body almost pressed against mine. He looked down at my lips and licked his own seductively. {This can’t be happening. There’s no way. He doesn’t like me like that. ‘Guys don’t need to like a girl in order for them to use her. Some guys can really mess with your head, your heart, just for their own fun.’ Is that what this is? Was Nina right?}
“I haven’t been able to sleep this whole time. And it’s all thanks to you.” He looked me in the eyes and my heart started racing even more than it was earlier. I couldn’t take a full breath. {What is he doing to me? Is he using me just because I’m here? But, more importantly, do I even care if that’s the case?}
“Yoongi, what are you doing?” I repeated, this time my voice wasn’t fearful or was, dare I say it, hopeful. I licked my lips out of habit and he bit on his. He let out a low growl and slammed his left hand on the wall next to my head. He brought his right hand to the wall right beside my head and leaned in to my ear.
In a husky voice he said, “I would say that it was love at first sight, but that’d be a lie.” My heart dropped, {I knew it}. “But it’s become that since then.” My heart sped up again. “You have no idea how much effort it’s taken to not just kiss every inch of your skin every time I’ve seen you.” I felt his lips ghost over my neck. A shiver went through my whole body. There was no shirt for me to grab, so I settled for his hips. {God, they’re just perfect}.
At my touch, he brought his lips to my neck and started pressing aggressive kisses from my jaw line down my neck. A moan escaped my throat. I didn’t know a kiss could feel so amazing. He made his way to my collarbone, where he nipped at the skin. I let out something that was between a moan and a whine. It felt so damn good. Everywhere his lips touched was tingling and everywhere else was starting to burn up. He disconnected from my neck and his lust-filled eyes met mine. I couldn’t take him not touching me anymore. I pressed my lips on his. He was surprised for a second before he kissed back more passionately. I knew where this was going and my mind kept telling me to slow down. I had no idea why I was allowing this to continue, there was no way I would normally do something like this. My body told my mind to shut the hell up and it felt like I had no control.
Yoongi pulled my body against him. I could feel how much he wanted me. The kiss got even more heated and I felt him pull me and start to turn us. Next thing I knew, I was on the bed and he was standing at the edge. He licked his lips. {He has to stop doing that. I know it drives all of his fans crazy, me included}. He crawled on top of me and started pulling my shirt up. I helped him take it off and his lips immediately reattached themselves to my neck. I couldn’t stop moaning. I was on fire. His lips made their way down my chest to my stomach.
My phone started ringing starting with a sexy “Bulteurone”. {Damnit! Of all times. What a coincidence with the ringtone though}. But Yoongi didn’t stop. And as his lips came back to my neck, I wasn’t inclined to make him. The ringing continued for a while until it finally shut off. {Thank God. They can call back later}. My phone started ringing again. People don’t usually keep calling me like that unless it’s an emergency. {What if something happened back home?}
“Ugh...Yoongi, hold on.”
“What?” he moaned with his lips on my throat. He started sucking on the skin.
“My phone, my ph-phone’s ringing,” I shivered.
“I don’t hear anything.” The phone kept ringing.
“Don’t be like that, I have to answer it.” But I couldn’t make myself push him off, I’d been dreaming of this moment for almost two years, since I first developed my crush. He pulled back from me.
“Is that your way of telling me you don’t want to do this?”
“What? No! I do! I really do, but I need to get my phone, it might be an emergency.” I started feeling my pockets for my phone. {Not here, it must’ve fallen out}.
“I don’t hear anything!” Yoongi started to get angry. I kept looking for my phone. Then I realized something...I left my phone downstairs. {What? Then why do I hear—}
I opened my eyes to find myself laying on the couch. Riddick was still playing on the TV. {I fell asleep?} Then I panicked. {That was a dream? I dreamed that entire thing? Oh shit! What the hell is wrong with me?!} My phone started ringing again. If it was ringing that much, it had to be an emergency. I cleared my throat and answered the phone.
Hello?” My voice was still hoarse.
“Noona?” {That's not my parents' or siblings' voice}. I looked at the caller ID. Through blurred contacts I saw ‘Joonbug’ was calling.
“Ah, Namjoon, sorry. I thought it was my family back home. They’re usually the only ones who call like that.”
“No worries noona. You sound like I woke you up. Did I?”
“Yeah. I just fell asleep on the couch.” I started rubbing my eyes, trying to clear my contacts. Sometimes they got blurry when I woke up, but I had left my contacts solution upstairs.
“Sorry, noona. I didn’t mean to wake you up. I know you need your sleep.” His voice sounded extremely concerned.
“No, no. It’s fine. But...why were you calling me so much? Not that I mind talking to you, but is there something wrong?”
“Kinda.” He sighed, he sounded both frustrated and worried.
“Spill it.”
“It’s Yoongi-hyung.” {Oh, shit}.
“What about him, is he okay?” I knew that both Yoongi and I didn’t want the guys to know he was here, but I didn’t want to lie either. {How to not tell the truth, but not lie...}
“That’s the problem. We don’t know. We’re not sure where he is. This morning, he was pissed that the guys woke him up, but he usually goes to the studio to either work or sleep on his desk.”
“He’s not there?”
“No. He didn’t actually say where he was going, just that he was going out, but no one thought about it until it started getting late. He wasn’t answering his phone so I went over there. Sometimes he leaves his phone on silent. But he wasn’t there. And building security said he never came in. He was texting someone this morning, but no one knows who it was. We tried a couple other people, but we don’t want to cause a panic. Have you heard from him?”
I tried to control my sigh. {Don’t lie, but don’t tell the truth... Here’s goes nothing}. “Yeah, he texted me this morning. He said the boys woke him up and he was going somewhere to sleep. Maybe he’s just ignoring your calls ‘cause he’s annoyed, or maybe he really is sleeping. I can try getting a hold of him it you’d like. He might answer for me, or if not, I know a few places he might’ve gone.”
Namjoon let out a relieved sigh. “Yeah, noona, that’d be great. I’d really appreciate it. He doesn’t usually do something like this, so hopefully he’s just mad and he’ll get over it.” {Good, he bought it}.
“Then let me get off the phone with you. If I get a hold of him, I’ll either tell him to call you, or I’ll call you. Sound ok?”
“Sounds perfect noona. Thank you so much! Sorry again for interrupting your sleep.”
“Don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal. I’ll text you one way or the other, ok?
“Yeah, thanks. I’ll let you go then. Talk to you later, noona.”
“Later, Namjoon.”
{Oh shit. What has he gotten me into? I have to wake him up and I’ll let him figure it out. Ugh! But I have to see him after that dream. I feel so dirty!} I started up the stairs, but froze halfway up. {I had a dream about him. I had a dream. I had a dream...not a nightmare. I fell asleep and had a dream for the first time in...eight years? I mean, when I get tired enough, sometimes I pass out and don’t dream anything, good or bad. That’s what’s allowed me to function for this long. But an actual dream... What the hell does that mean? Is my mind finally allowing me to forget... Or is it because of Yoongi?} I sat down on the steps and put my head in my heads. I was so confused. I had no idea why this was happening, but I kind of didn’t want it to change. Not that I wanted to keep having dreams of that nature, but it’d be nice to have regular dreams that normal people had...that I used to have. {Augh! This is hurting my head too much}.
I got up and forced myself up the stairs and down the hall. My hand hesitated on the doorknob. I turned around suddenly. I could swear that I felt someone’s breath on my neck. {It’s just from the dream. Stop thinking about it}. I quietly opened the door and walked to the side of the bed Yoongi had fallen asleep on. He was sleeping on his back, his legs splayed out. His face was so peaceful and serene. He looked like an angel. I shook my head. {Stop it, Rose. Stop doing this to yourself}. I looked back at his face. His lips were slightly parted and his chest rose and fell gracefully.
I stepped closer to the bed, but I was too afraid to get too close. I wasn’t afraid I would jump him or anything like that, but I was worried about how fast he was making my heart beat. My eyes traced his face: his forehead, where some of his silver bangs were feathered across, his eyelashes that were long and feminine but looked oh so attractive on him, his nose that was just perfectly shaped, his ears that peaked out from his hair, his jawline that was sharp and defined, and lastly, his lips...I licked my lips nervously. Memories from my dream, that still hadn’t faded, ran through my mind. His lips on mine, on my jawline, my neck, my chest...I shook my head again. I could feel my face heating up. {What the hell is wrong with me?!}
Yoongi made some sort of groan-like sleep noise and turned his face the other way. His hand came up to rest on his chest. His hands, with their long, beautiful piano fingers. That ran along my side, that gripped my face, that brushed across my lips... {Nope, that’s enough. Time to wake up, you idiot. Stop living in your stupid dream world. He’s not yours, and I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate the pathetic thoughts that go through your sad, desperate mind}.
I shook one of his shoulders. “Yoongi...” He moaned and turned over. If he does that again, I think my heart might actually burst out of my chest. I shook him again, this time a little harder. “Yoongi.” He moaned and turned back towards me. His eyes opened just a fraction, he smiled sleepily, and grabbed my hand lightly.
“Good morning, Jagi.” I froze and my heart stopped. He thought he was still dreaming. About some girl. {I shouldn’t be surprised, he is a male, and he is BTS’s Suga after all. I’m sure he has a plethora of girls throwing themselves at him; beautiful, normal girls without a questionable background, without scars, physical or mental. And out of those, it’s no surprise that he would find at least one he was taken with. But it still hurt. Maybe that’ll help me though. Knowing there’s someone else}.
“Yoongi. It’s Rose. You’re awake now.” I said trying to hide my disappointment. He looked confused for a second before my words sank in and he bolted straight up. He mussed his hair, face red with embarrassment.
“Sorry noona. I didn’t mean—I mean—“ Yoongi stuttered.
“It’s fine. It was just a dream and you weren’t awake yet. But Yoongi-ah...”
“Yes, noona?” he looked up at me sheepishly.
“You can let go off my hand now.” He looked down at the hand still holding mine. He hadn’t let go, even when he sat up. His hand jerked back like he had touched fire. I didn’t know which part hurt me the most.
“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t realize—I’m just an idiot today.” I laughed.
“It’s fine Yoongi. But we do have a different problem.” He looked at me confused. “It’s 6:00.” Still confused. “You haven’t been answering your phone.” Still confused. “And Namjoon called me.” Finally, the lightbulb went off. He snatched his phone off the side table.
“Shit. I turned it on silent. 37 missed calls. Shit. What’d you tell him?” He looked at me desperately.
“I told him the truth without telling him the truth.” I explained the conversation.
“I’ll call him right now. Tell him I found a secret place to rest.”
“Won’t he get suspicious if you say it like that?”
“He’ll be curious, but I’ll just tell him that I go there so I don’t get bothered. But next time I’ll leave my phone on at least vibrate. That should sate him.”
“Fine, you better do that right now before he kills you.” I started to get up and he got ready to call Namjoon. “Oh, since you’re here and it’s about that time, if they’ve already eaten dinner, you’re welcome to eat here. I’m gonna make something for me anyway so it’s not that much more trouble. Just let me know.” He nodded his head as I heard his phone start calling Namjoon. I went back downstairs.
Thoughts were flying through my head. I couldn’t focus on one thing at a time. First, I actually had a dream instead of a nightmare. Second, my dream was a very... questionable dream about the guy I’m trying to get over who just so happens to be just upstairs. Third, even if he was dreaming, the way he held my hand, the look on his face, what he called me...just thinking about it gave me butterflies. How would it feel to wake up to that for real... And fourth, there was someone else for him. And that made my heart drop. But it was a good thing. Knowing there was someone should make it easier to let go... Right?
A few minutes later, Yoongi trudged downstairs. “Sorry, unfortunately I have to pass on the food offer. Namjoon and Jin are pretty pissed right now. And I guess they were waiting for me before they ate. Thanks though.” I mentally breathed a sigh of relief. “But if it’s okay, I’d like to get a raincheck on it?”
“O-of course.” My mouth answered before my brain could process it. {Damn you, stupid mouth}.
“Awesome. Um...” he shuffled his feet nervously. “If—if it’s this happens again, would I maybe...It’s just that I actually got some good sleep here. It was nice a quiet. So...umm...”
“Oh...” {That is so not a good idea...}
“Actually, never mind. That was rude to ask. I probably shouldn’t even have asked today. Thank you for today. I super appreciate it. And I owe you big time.” Yoongi started heading towards the front door.
“Wait, Yoongi.” {I’m going to end up regretting this}. “It’s okay to ask. That’s what friends are for. To help each other. If it means you getting good sleep and being able to work harder for yourself and your fans, then of course you can come over again. If it’s the weekend, it shouldn’t be a problem, I almost never have work away from home. Weekdays are hit and miss. Just call or text me.” He looked surprised.
“C-cool.” {Was he nervous? He must really need the sleep, he was afraid he wouldn’t get to sleep peacefully again. That’s kinda cute}. “Then I’ll text you. Not just for that, of course.” He quickly added. He made it to the door and started putting his shoes on. “And thanks for keeping it a secret. I know you didn’t lie, but I’m sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable to be deceptive. Next time, I’ll figure out some story to keep you out of it.”
Our eyes met and I suddenly thought about my dream. I wanted him to kiss me or for me to kiss him so badly. Yoongi wasn’t moving either. {What is he thinking about? Probably about how he mistook me for someone else...} He finally tore his gaze away and headed out the door pulling his face mask up. He threw me one last look and said thank you again just as a taxi pulled up. {He must’ve called them before he came down}. The taxi drove away and I shut the door, slowly sliding to the ground. {Now what do I do?}
Yoongi POV
The taxi drove away and I let out a sigh of relief. {I almost screwed everything up}. I thought back to my dream. I only remembered fragments of it, but it was amazing, I never wanted to wake up.
<Rose and I were in some beautiful, green field in the middle of the forest, I have no idea how we got there. We were having a picnic lunch. We laid down on the blanket and I pulled her on top of me. She was smiling so brightly and I couldn’t resist kissing her. Which turned into something more...a lot more. We fell asleep under the darkening sky. I woke up when she gently shook my shoulders. “Yoongi,” her voice was so sweet and relaxing.> “Good morning, jagi.” {We must’ve slept outside all night because it’s really bright again. But why does she look so sad?} “Yoongi...” {Why does she keep calling me by my name? She always uses her pet name for me}. “It’s Rose...” {Of course it is, who else would it be?} “You’re awake.” {Well duh, you woke me up}. Then it hit me. I wasn’t on a blanket in the middle of a field, I was in a bed. In the bed I had fallen asleep in. In Rose’s house. {Oh shit!!!}
I didn’t know which part was worse: that it was a dream, or that I woke up. I sighed. She was really polite afterwards, but I think I made her uncomfortable. I didn’t mean to do that. I just wanted her to know that I was there too, not shove it in her face that I liked her. She’s too nice to say so, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she never talked to me again. Just then, I got a text.
Lavender: “Nina just texted me that she’s going out of town next weekend too in case you needed to crash here again. And if it’s anytime during the week, just message me first.”
I smiled. {Even if this is just her being nice, I think I’m too greedy to say no}.
And there we are. Did you enjoy? Maybe the first part, not so much the angst, huh? Like I said, sorry not sorry. It felt like it fit right in to the story, but it was really weird for me to write it. So sorry if it I made that evident. Please let me know what you think.
Thank you again for reading my story. I hope you find it enjoyable. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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