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I so Pokémon Go is pretty popular app. I have seen around my hometown a long with everybody else on here who have played it. However the last time I play Pokémon was 13 years ago when I had my own set of Pokemon trading cards. This Pokemon that I caught is a little bit different so scroll down to see which Pokémon I caught
so I caught my very first Pokemon............ drum roll please.............
I caught..........Taehyung! lol I have seen many cards with Pokémon go with Kpop idols. I got this fan in the mail from a friend and when I saw this I couldn't help but share with all you guys that I actually caught my first Kpop Idol Pokémon!
I know pretty cool huh Taehyung-ah
You seem pretty excited that I caught you lol.
I hope this made some of your guys night.
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I want one it's so cool to bad people where I am don't like kpop 😢 but I have you all it's awesome
@BiasKpop same here I don't know anyone who likes kpop where I live.
@Choijiah it's sucks because Ohio has no kpop stores so I have no kpop anything and it makes me sad
same here in. Nebraska
@Choijiah Aww to bad it sucks