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I had gone with my family to back to the states, with my baby brother, Tyson's ashes. The funeral was beautiful, even his fans had set flowers to us all. Took all of us way to long to cop though. But no one could blame us, he was the youngest one in the family.
He was sweet, kind, and loved his family, fans, and pets. This event ad made me miss Simon's birthday, but I was able to get back, two weeks before Jay's. Simon was sleeping on the lounge couch, with his cap over his face.
I smiled, as I gently lay his late birthday gift on his chest. He removed his hat to see the box first. "Happy Birthday, Ki Seok oppa." He sat up, when he heard my voice, whilst holding the box. "Lavi-ah you're home."
His eyes were shining with pure joy, which was truly heart warming. "Oh you're gift, you dork." I pecked his lip, before tapping the box. He made room for me to sit beside him. "What is it?" He open them, to find blue and black Retro Jordans.
He looked up at me confused, as I held up my shoes that matched. "Oh~ couple shoes." I smiled at him, as he kissed my cheek. "Now this is way better than rings." He winked, before changing his shoes.
"Lavi! You made it back in time for my birthday. See I told you see loves me more, Simon hyung." Simon just raise an eyebrow, whilst looking up at Jay. "Sh, we wasn't suppose to know." Jay grinned as I was tickled by Simon.
"Why do you have to be so bad, yet so good." I grabbed his arms, and pulled him into a sweet kiss. "Because you're way too good for me, even when bad." Jay ran away from the sappy moment Simon and I were having. "I've missed you."
He rest his forehead on mine and playful peck my lips. "Marry me..." He moved away too look me in the eyes. "This Summer...Marry me." He raised an eyebrow, but still seem confused. " June 2nd, its Tyson's birthday... I want it to be my wedding date, so I can never forget him or you."
He petted my head and crushed his lips against my own. "You know that only allows us about a month and a few weeks to plan it." I nodded my head as I play with the hair on the back of his head. "Well I'm a simple girl, we don't have to go all big. I'm happy with just inviting our friends and family."
He smiled, before wrapping his hands around my waist. He moved us, so he was sitting up right, as I straddle his lap. "You might want to check the box again, there is a bonus inside." He raise an eyebrow before pulling the box over to us again.
When he open it, he found the documents, stating that I now have citizenship in Korea. Simon tapped my butt, and I got up. The moment I was standing, he ran down the hallway. "LAVI IS NATIVE!! SHE KOREAN!!!" I just laughed and shook my head a bit.
Making love with Simon was the closest I was getting to actually being Korean. Hyuk Woo and Ju Kyung came running into the room. Ju Kyung picked me up and spined me around. The joy they had over my citizenship was mind blowing.
I knew Simon would be happy, but didn't think the whole crew would join. The second Ju Kyung put me down, Jay picked me up to do the same thing. "That's the best birthday gift ever... and yes I'm making Simon share it."
I kissed Jay's cheek, after wrapping myself around him. "She's mine now.." He walked out the room with me, as I giggled. "I'll take that beauty from you." Simon grabbed me right out of Jay's arms, as he held me bridal style.
"You and I got a wedding to plan, and I have to show you what I did with out new place. Its been cold there without you." I grinned at Simon, and snuggle closely to him. "Then lets go home. I would love to see what my Yeobo has done with out new home."
Hyuk Woo wined out loud as he pointed at my shoes. "They even have couple shoes." He pointed it out as I giggled. "It was the second part of his birthday gift. Now be jealous as walk away." With that said, Simon carry me out of the building bridal style.
"You're really not gonna put me down?" He shook his head, as he carry me all the way to the car. "Okay now I have to, but just you wait til we're home. You're not allow to touch the ground." I kissed his lips to show him how happy he made me.
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