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I'd want to meet him and talk, I mean it would be the coolest thing ever to go to a concert but there's so much screaming and hyperventilating/fangirling happening I'd rather have a proper conversation over coffee but in our case it would be chocolate bubble tea😂💙
Not gonna lie though the beginning would be awkward as heck! but we get to open up a bit more the conversation would get more animated with lame jokes and funny stories. Probs about ViVi and the guys being dorks.
I'd mostly want to get to talk about dancing with him I love dancing and although I'm not the best I'm not the worst either. So I'd love to get some tips from a professional😅. Though I'd want the conversation to be relaxed so there's a mutual feeling of wanting to share either stories or just mindless chat. I'm sure there would be a LOT of hilarious backstage and dorm stories for him to share. He could totally make fun of the members without them knowing 😂😂