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Kim Hyun Joong says “I will definitely not reveal my relationship to the public”.
On 30th, Kim Hyun Joong guested on Kim Bum Soo’s Gayo FM. Kim Hyun Joong also says that “Even if I have a girlfriend, I will certainly not reveal to the public” on air. Kim Hyun Joong then explains his rational by saying “If I’m not an entertainer, I will be able enjoy the fun of dating publicly, but it’s hard to do this as an entertainer”. He also added that “For a girl, the label ‘ex-girlfriend of xxx’ would always stick with her, such things are disadvantageous for girls and it’s unfair to them”. When asked about his ideal type, Kim Hyun Joong reveals “My ideal type is someone that shares the same interests as me”. WHAT CAN I DO??? EERY TIME HE MAKES ME LOVE HIM MORE AND MORE LOVE U OPPAA
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@christy i will, thanks
4 years ago·Reply
@StephiiKins u r welcome u will know him well
4 years ago·Reply
@christy yes, i am head over heals for him. he is my absolute favorite!!!!!!
4 years ago·Reply
nice thought nd u r really a great person m impressed
4 years ago·Reply
Everyone needs their privacy we don't have to know ALL about the stars.
4 years ago·Reply