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It's that time again. Time for the next installment of the Ultimate Bias Week! Since its technically still the 11 *shifty eyes*...Okay it's technically not but close enough! This another part of the challenge as decreed by @kpopandkimchi! Without further ado...
This is a very good question, requiring an answer filled with a lot of thought and imagination... Seeing him live in concert, performing all of my favorite songs would be an experience of a lifetime. An intimate coffee meet, just the two of us. ...
OBVIOUSLY I'm gonna have to go with the coffee meet. As much as I would LOVE to see him in concert, and believe it's something I really want to do, but there's way I could pass up an opportunity to sit and talk with him one on one, assuming we even speak the same language. First I'd ask him what he has for breakfast to slay the haters so epicly because I need some of that for myself. It would be so much fun (not to mention nerve wrecking) to have a real conversation with him. I would be telling funny stories or mishaps in the hopes of seeing him smile. If by some miracle he did laugh, I'd melt and definitely continue with the ridiculous stories.
The entire time I would be thinking this....
Long fantasy cut short, I would hope that we would be able to have a real conversation. Even though I'm awkward and I don't doubt Tao has his awkward moments, it would be nice if we clicked. Like one of those conversations that seem like they've just gotten started but you look at the clock and realize it's been an hour and you're both late. Lots of laughter and stimulating conversation. Ah that's the dream, eh?
If everything went well, I'd suggest a cute selca. I wouldn't even put it online if he wanted, I would just keep it and treasure it forever. But if Tao wanted to post it, I would be 100000% okay with that.
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Lol I like how you said peace out at the end