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ACEO for the International STA :) The topic was Shoujo and decided for a Madoka Magica Charakter. She looks pretty old in my style doesn't she ? x'D Anyway, I hope you guys will like her <3 I had a lot of fun drawing her !
wow tolle Pose *____* Gut, ich bin wohl auch wieder die einzige im Universum, die auch diesen Anime nicht kennt, aber ich finde sie total schön geworden! Die Haare, wie sie fliegen und Flügel auf ihrem Rücken sind wunderschöne Details. Die Idee mit dem Sternenhimmel auf der Innenseite ihres Kleides ist echt toll!
@PiuPiuPENGUIN : Thank you so much for your kind words <3 Well it wasn't easy to draw but I had a lot of fun :D @Nhia : I'm sooooo happy that you like the card Q////Q Thank you so much <3
Oh I really love this card *___* I really adore the anime and you drew Madoka so well >w< It is really great that you drew a fullbody, since I know that it can be quite hard to do so. The colors also are amazing, the earth and her dress are so wow, I can just call this card beautiful *o*
This is amazing! I love how you drew the universe inside of her skirt, by god I know how difficult that is :O The whole colour composition of the card is nice, the strong coloured universe against the pastel coloured dress and sky :) double thumbs up!!